Sexual Abuse By Clergy

Sharon’s Comment 9.3.2022 One must wonder why the FBI wants to go back decades to investigate child abuse by clergy, when sexual molestation by clergy is ongoing, right now. How to stop that? Or why do clergy get treated differently than non-clergy? Why don’t the laws protecting minors apply equally to all people, not justContinue reading “Sexual Abuse By Clergy”

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RE: Pelosi Makes ‘Unprecented’ Move Rejecting GOP Reps

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.21.2021 Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand the concept of ‘a jury aka committee of your peers’. She wants to prejudice the committee against Donald Trump and the Republican party, rather than get to the real cause of the violent protests at the capitol. The republican rioters didn’t do anything more egregious than theContinue reading “RE: Pelosi Makes ‘Unprecented’ Move Rejecting GOP Reps”