African-Style Social Justice Promotes Barbarism

African Social Justice Promotes Barbarism Social justice is collective punishment against those who didn’t create nor cause the injustice. When groups tap the government to raise their families for them injustices are bound to occur – as they do in families. Somebody in the family always gets more than the others, which isn’t my businessContinue reading “African-Style Social Justice Promotes Barbarism”

Sharon’s Monoloque

You don’t question. That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God goingContinue reading “Sharon’s Monoloque”

Movies Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Let’s not always defer to movies to determine how we think and feel about other genders, ethnicities, races and religions. Okay? The stories are from one or a few writers’ perspectives. Madison Avenue in the end decides. What will sell? Plus within the underbelly of the foundation of all media you will find government forcesContinue reading “Movies Don’t Tell The Whole Story”

RE: YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

My question is who gets the 170 million dollars? Gee. That’s a lot of money for violating a policy. Who has that kind of money? It seems like the government wants companies to violate policies so they can steal from them. A much lower fine is in order here. Nobody got raped or tortured orContinue reading “RE: YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law”