RE: Israel strikes Gaza as Palestinians celebrate prison break

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8 September 2021 What country in the world bombs another country’s military site in response to a prison break? No one would even consider it. Jews are just looking for reasons to bomb and nobody has the will to stop them. Palestine has a military after all, albeit a rudimentary DIY military. […]


Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.19.2020 I’m shocked that the Hasidic Jews didn’t stop it themselves. Why did they need city officials to do it for them? Ten thousand people descending in one location from around the country? Now they’re saying the corona/covid-19 virus is causing a rise in anti-Semitism. How can a virus do that? Why […]


RE: Protestors Dictate Terms For Private Property Owners?

The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020 Why should protestors be allowed on their private property, or anybody’s property? They own it and have a right to protect what they own. Mobs are weapons of mass destruction […]