BLACK AND BROWN SUPREMACY COUP Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won’t turn their color, is the new racism that is quicklyContinue reading “BLACK AND BROWN SUPREMACY COUP”

RE: New York Times editorial board slams anti-Semitic cartoon in Times international edition

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5-1-2019 New York Times editorial board slams anti-Semitic cartoon in Times international edition I didn’t hear any Jews complaining when Charlie Hebdo made international headlines for publishing Muslim cartons related to terrorism. This cartoon depicted two people and the reality of their relationship. It did not focus on all Jews. Actually, whenContinue reading “RE: New York Times editorial board slams anti-Semitic cartoon in Times international edition”

Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?

Black leaders are popping blacks, just like Israelis pop the Jew populace each time they covet something and don’t want to wade through a process to get it. When Jews commit massacres in America, it’s the Jew psyche in play. Jew leaders know what to say and do publicly to disengage their own assailants fromContinue reading “Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?”

The Other White Meat

I don’t play by the rules of any movement. I’m an activist not a loyal follower of anything or anyone or anybody else’s agenda. Although I registered as a democrat back in my early twenties and they have forever held me to it, I am not a member of the democratic political party – norContinue reading “The Other White Meat”

By Design

aka PLACEHOLDER Jewish is an adjective. Jew is a noun. Get used to it. Enter that into your next round of dictionary and word usage books, which you compile and publish for everybody else, with an acceptable usage designation. Contact McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster. “Who does she think she is, talking to usContinue reading “By Design”

RE: On a Jewish State

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Mon. 11/17/2015 Any country living in supposedly the free world, or any citizen of the world who wished that they did live in these supposedly free states, must be outraged by Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to make by law a Jewish state, which would by design discriminate against everybody not Jew living within theContinue reading “RE: On a Jewish State”