Attention Brits -The Js and Bs and Ps Again?

Yes, just one more view – a small one, that maybe others overlooked in the history of it all. Keep reading if you will. Thank you in advance, then thank me later – not 74 years later, okay? The Bs have a long history of colonizing people thus territories, countries, regions whatever the name dujourContinue reading “Attention Brits -The Js and Bs and Ps Again?”

Israel Turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?

Sharon’s Say: Saudi Arabia has desalinated seawater since the 1950s and is… “the leading desalinated water producer in the world.” He noted that the Kingdom now has reliable access to drinking water, of which 60 percent is desalinated. Sep 12, 2022

Occupation Is Not A Jew-ish Birthright

In Response to: How not to fight antisemitism When anti-Semitism aka anti-Jewism requires a library of books to understand it, that’s a ‘Tell’ used to avert the eyes of the accused – everyone not Jew – away from the horrific acts of occupation historically and currently claimed by Jews worldwide to be their birthright.

Brits And Debate

Why do the British have to debate everything? Why do the British have to debate everything? Yes or no; can you just answer the question? No. They have to debate it first, which turns whatever is under consideration into an endless stream of uncertainty. They didn’t seem to have that uncertainty when colonizing most ofContinue reading “Brits And Debate”

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Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included

Ashkenazic Jews 4,000 years old. ‘Ashkenazic Jews was an adopted name from intersecting trade routes in Turkey./ Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA September 5, 2018 7.25am EDT Author Eran Elhaik Lecturer in population, medical and evolutionary genomics, University of Sheffield University of Sheffield provides funding as a founding partner of TheContinue reading “Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included”

RE: Israel strikes Gaza as Palestinians celebrate prison break

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8 September 2021 What country in the world bombs another country’s military site in response to a prison break? No one would even consider it. Jews are just looking for reasons to bomb and nobody has the will to stop them. Palestine has a military after all, albeit a rudimentary DIY military.Continue reading “RE: Israel strikes Gaza as Palestinians celebrate prison break”

Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?

Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures? One percent of the world’s population died from the Spanish flu. Seventy million people. 1919. Some news articles cite fifty million. The Jews who claim to have lost six million in forced labor camps claim none were from the Spanish flu or any other pandemic. According to the Jews theyContinue reading “Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?”

RE: Thank You Elizabeth Warren For ‘Meddling in Israeli Politics’ will others join you?

by SHARON: DAVID’S QUOTE: “Imagine, if you can, Warren’s reaction if a foreign political leader openly offered the GOP advice on how to win back the presidency. Foreign interference, indeed.” Benjamin Netanyahu makes frequent visits to the White House advising presidents and congress people on how to proceed in all matters concerning Jews and Israel,Continue reading “RE: Thank You Elizabeth Warren For ‘Meddling in Israeli Politics’ will others join you?”

Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…

By Ramzy Baroud Thu, Feb 18 at 4:18 PM ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine Motivated by their justifiable aversion to former US President Donald Trump,Continue reading “Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…”


The British will free and enslave you at the same time. That’s their style – their mode of operation. They can’t help themselves. Seems no one can these days. Since when did the USA become the mediator/arbitrator/parent/teacher/counselor for Israel? I thought they wanted independence. Doesn’t look that way, when they run to USA to stopContinue reading “BE ON THE LOOKOUT”

RE: Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020 Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’ The only existential threat in the region is toward Palestinians by Israeli Jews. Rockets have never ‘rained’ down; the few that made it where Jews illegally live is nothing compared to the carpet bombing in Gaza to take out their infrastructure every fewContinue reading “RE: Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’”

RE: Israel Vows To Pursue Syria Operations Until Iran Leaves

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.5 2020 Israel Vows To Pursue Syria Operations Until Iran Leaves Looks like Israel’s long term goal is to occupy Syria. Golan Heights isn’t enough. Another foot in the door.  Says Israel, “This is our life we are talking about, the life of our children, and if we allowed them to settleContinue reading “RE: Israel Vows To Pursue Syria Operations Until Iran Leaves”

RE: Israeli Mayor Orders Palestinian ‘Surrender’ Billboards Removed

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.16.2020 Israeli mayor orders Palestinian ‘surrender’ billboards removed I thought one had to have permits for billboards. How did this get approved, especially in light of increased tensions after the release of Kushner’s Perpetual Parole Plan for Palestinians living on Palestinian land? Taking them down was the correct action. Its presenceContinue reading “RE: Israeli Mayor Orders Palestinian ‘Surrender’ Billboards Removed”


Originally posted on WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT™:
Too bad the American Negro chose/demanded of the world that they be called Black, when their true color is brown. By choosing the black rather than the brown label for themselves they opened the door to competition south of the USA border. That was a huge strategical blunder. What…


I’m Boycotting everything Bagel until Israel ends the illegal extermination, displacement and occupation of the indigenous Palestinians on Palestinian Land. When the Palestinians began boycotting Israeli products made in occupied territories in lieu of isolated attacks against Israelis, the Mossad teamed up with intelligence agencies around the globe to punish the boycotters. Really, the onlyContinue reading “BOYCOTT BAGELS GLOBALLY”

IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal

HWH COMMENT: Welcome to the Palestinian Hood is what Benjamin Netanyahu meant when he approved the building of 700 housing units in the West Bank while simultaneously approving permits for 6,000 units for Israeli settlers. Settlers = colonizers aka squatters. So the Russian squatters got 89% and the indigenous Palestinians got 11% of the total numberContinue reading “IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal”


A HOLOCAUST FOR LAND I recall that way back in the 9-11 days, some, or maybe one (and the others who thought it, thought better about not speaking it), voiced that it must take a lot of courage to blow one’s self up, knowing the horrible death they would suffer. That does take courage –Continue reading “A HOLOCAUST FOR LAND”

RE: On a Jewish State

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Mon. 11/17/2015 Any country living in supposedly the free world, or any citizen of the world who wished that they did live in these supposedly free states, must be outraged by Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to make by law a Jewish state, which would by design discriminate against everybody not Jew living within theContinue reading “RE: On a Jewish State”

RE: Angela Merkel Weak On Concentration Camps In Palestine

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Sun. 9/5/2014 Angela Merkel should be helping to free Palestinians in concentration camps in the Middle East, designed by Israel, rather than worrying about those who no longer are in concentration camps. That would go a long way toward Jews being respected, thus safe – worldwide. When she does something concrete, rather thanContinue reading “RE: Angela Merkel Weak On Concentration Camps In Palestine”

RE: Failed Policies Don’t Work

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Thu. 9/4/2014 It is becoming clear that the Islamic State – no matter where they operate – is sending a message to Muslims, whom they think are weak and not carrying out the missionary purpose of spreading the Islamic faith – as one of dominance – not unlike the goals of the ChristiansContinue reading “RE: Failed Policies Don’t Work”