The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capitalContinue reading “The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ”

Israel Turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?

Sharon’s Say: Saudi Arabia has desalinated seawater since the 1950s and is… “the leading desalinated water producer in the world.” He noted that the Kingdom now has reliable access to drinking water, of which 60 percent is desalinated. Sep 12, 2022

Plan B

All Palestinians living on their own land are prisoners of war, occupied by Jews living in the region, eating up Palestine one square foot at a time until it all becomes Israel, land of the Jewish majority.

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The Brits Defeated Themselves

Palestinians are still couped up like chickens in Palestine with no escape route.  74 years and Britain still claims to be working behind the scenes. 74 years. How slow can one move? What are they waiting for, all the Palestinians to go to other countries so the Russian Jews can have it all? That doesn’tContinue reading “The Brits Defeated Themselves”

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Imagine The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Lasting 74 years

USA endorses slavery of Palestinians with payment of $4.8 billion to Jews for Palestinian maintenance White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion “The US supports Ukrainians’ right to resist military occupation, and will supply them with all they need to fight back,” said political analyst OmarContinue reading “Imagine The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Lasting 74 years”

FREE Palestine Now

What are you waiting on? Do it. Veto Israel at the United Nations. Can’t you read? What grade are you in? Make Palestine a nation. Stop sitting on your asses. This is Gaza. Ukraine. Can’t you see? sldt

Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent

Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate the Opponent Confidence measures are schemes. When somebody announces confidence building measures, what they want is for the target-enemy to give them reassurances of trust and that trust means they have to concede on one of many points, one at a time until the one applying theContinue reading “Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent”

Re: Protesters against COVID measures fuel anti-Semitism: Israel

By ReutersJanuary 28, 2022 1:53pm  Updated JERUSALEM, Jan 27 — Protesters against COVID-19 measures who liken themselves to Jews under Nazi persecution are stoking global anti-Semitism, the Israeli government said in a report marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Such Holocaust tropes have become “widespread” and, along with violent demonstrations linked to Israel’s May war in Gaza, were mainContinue reading “Re: Protesters against COVID measures fuel anti-Semitism: Israel”


RE: Israel is seizing cryptocurrency wallets from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which has been using them to raise funds from donors worldwide THE JEWS HAVE BEEN STEALING MONEY FROM THE PALESTINIANS FOR DECADES. IT NEVER ENDS. The USA has been funding the Jews to take out the Palestinians for the same amount of time.Continue reading “RE: KNOCK ISRAELI NUCLEAR SUBS OUT OF THE WATER without firing a shot”

RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations Sharon’s View: Independence from whom? What country occupied the Jews from which they could claim independence? They just make stuff up wanting to look like the persecuted ones, when the opposite is true. Jews occupy every country in the world, but in Palestine they took over theContinue reading “RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations”

RE: Sacha Baron Goes Nuclear On SOMEBODY ELSE’S TURF

Somebody tell Sacha Baron it’s okay to be Jew. Nobody cares. Just stop all that holocaust talk. It’s over. You want it to be over, right? Oh, for a minute it sounded like you wanted to keep it going with all that never forget keep it in your thoughts so you’ll do it again talk.Continue reading “RE: Sacha Baron Goes Nuclear On SOMEBODY ELSE’S TURF”

Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations

BLACK LIVES AND ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE ARE TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS WITH A BIG FOOT ON THE NECK OF MADISON AVENUE No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives.  Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control theContinue reading “Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations”


Of course there were and are black Jews. Jews don’t want to be associated historically with black anything. So they change their history to adapt to their agendas. Most Jews just follow the group and have been taught not to question. Jews call Palestinians black and Jews living in Palestine claim that land as theirs.Continue reading “BLACK JEWS”

RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan

Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank Excerpts from that article: JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units… Israeli Jews Offer to use Palestinians as human shields in the WestContinue reading “RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan”

Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter

from What Happened Yesterday (W.H.Y.) A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one or more – with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of a witch, burning humans corralled in lockedContinue reading “Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter”

RE: Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe

  Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Fri. 8/24/2018 Okay, so they don’t want a white African minority to rule in South Africa, but they want a black African minority to rule in America. Israelis steal land from the Palestinians, yet it’s bigoted and racist to say that black AfricansContinue reading “RE: Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe”