RE: Justice Department Shows Ageist Fists

SHARON’S RESPONSE TO: U.S. will not investigate nursing home deaths in New York, two other states -letter Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.25.2021 SENIOR LIVES DON’T MATTER To The Justice Department. They never have. They’re not black enough. Seniors don’t know how to be less white as recommended by the influencers. They’re locked in facilities withContinue reading “RE: Justice Department Shows Ageist Fists”

Water-Efficiency Shower Heads And Laundry Cycles

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.28.2020 After Trump’s toilet rant, efficiency standards rolled back on showers, laundry machines MyComment: I am in full support of rolling back water efficiency standards. Those who wrote this article either do not live in the USA or they don’t bathe, cook, clean or launder on a regular basis. Since when doContinue reading “Water-Efficiency Shower Heads And Laundry Cycles”


VEGANISM AND TERRORISM Who would think that the vegan movement would become associated with terrorism? I wonder if they always were terrorists or if they’re really not vegans? All movements are subject to terrorist elements. I just didn’t expect it in the realm of animal rights – given that animal-eaters are animals too. So, vegansContinue reading “STOP ANTIFA”

How Many People Did You Kill Today?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.20.2020 Melania Trump commemorates the end of slavery from a gilded White House room while the president tweets threats at protesters I have a message for Black Africans: Stop looking for validation from so-called white people. It makes you look pathetic and weak. You’re hogging all the news for yourselves. There’s aContinue reading “How Many People Did You Kill Today?”