The Under-Represented People

You can’t say all black people are discriminated against and stay honest. It’s poor black people who set the tone for all black people, so when somebody says black people, the world’s collective brain sees poor only. Wealthy black people, once achieved, didn’t support their own who weren’t there. They jumped ship and told allContinue reading “The Under-Represented People”

Your Truth vs Mine

Your Truth vs Mine I don’t care about your truth. I care about mine. Your truth comes with a billion plus people attached. Mine has only one. A billion people can’t be right. Your truth can’t be a billion people’s truth. Tell those billion people that you speak on their behalf. Truth be told, theyContinue reading “Your Truth vs Mine”

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Rich Peoples Were Not On Earth First

The poor came first and out of the poor grew the rich. It was not the other way around. So the poor have seniority. Rich people are the minority and privileged. Poor people have seniority and the majority. Both are meaningless. Why? ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Get new content delivered directly to your inbox.