Brits And Debate

Why do the British have to debate everything? Why do the British have to debate everything? Yes or no; can you just answer the question? No. They have to debate it first, which turns whatever is under consideration into an endless stream of uncertainty. They didn’t seem to have that uncertainty when colonizing most ofContinue reading “Brits And Debate”

Rich vs Poor

POOR BLACKS vs RICH WHITES Why don’t people compare rich Whites vs rich Blacks? Because they’re the same. There’s no measurably significant difference. The only significant difference by a large margin is between rich and poor of all groups. Black Lives keep comparing poor blacks to rich whites. Truth be told, when comparing poor whitesContinue reading “Rich vs Poor”

Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3.13.2022 Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb -It sucks the life out of humans while crushing and vaporizing them- Most people base their prejudices on one person, good or bad, then it generalizes to the entire group. Sucks the life right out of them, it’s so fast and devastating. When one activistContinue reading “Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb”

RE: Pelosi Makes ‘Unprecented’ Move Rejecting GOP Reps

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.21.2021 Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand the concept of ‘a jury aka committee of your peers’. She wants to prejudice the committee against Donald Trump and the Republican party, rather than get to the real cause of the violent protests at the capitol. The republican rioters didn’t do anything more egregious than theContinue reading “RE: Pelosi Makes ‘Unprecented’ Move Rejecting GOP Reps”


Donald Trump didn’t invent fake news. No individual past, present or future can be called the king or queen or the chief or the head of the lie, nor take credit for inventing the lie for the purpose of persuasion. Government agencies that control the news and Madison Avenue working with information disseminating media outletsContinue reading “FAKE NEWS IS THE MAKER OF PREJUDICE”

Teacher Of RE: The Year Kneels At Football Game Knowing Donald And Melania Trump Attended

  Kelly Holstine said, “Kneeling is a way to show respect for the military and our country, while also supporting oppressed and marginalized humans.” This coming from a “Teacher Of The Year?”  Where has she been for the past few years? When somebody kneels, in respect and thanksgiving, they kneel on both knees. You ‘takeContinue reading “Teacher Of RE: The Year Kneels At Football Game Knowing Donald And Melania Trump Attended”

RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 15 April 2019 AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar There’s supposed to be a separation of religion and state in the federal government. Omar brings her religion with her to work everyday, using the popular head coverings of Muslim women as her signature. She’s the one inciting violence.Continue reading “RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar”

Side Effects Of Overusing Words

Watering down prejudice and discrimination via name-calling. There’s a side effect aka adverse reaction to overusing words to describe objectionable behavior or to accuse people of certain objectionable behaviors. The professional media, as well as trolls of social media, are actually desensitizing the world to prejudice and discrimination by calling out everybody under the sun, moreContinue reading “Side Effects Of Overusing Words”