RE: O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11.29.2019

O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Aren’t there stalking and menacing laws in D.C.? How can one patron force another patron to leave a bar?

There are juvenile detention centers all over the US in nearly all towns/cities where underage children are put who break the laws. Why isn’t O’Malley trying to release those children from those cages?

Maybe O’Malley shouldn’t be trying to ‘hijack’ people in bars to have ‘serious’ discussions. O’Malley may do well to look at his own boundary issues regarding his own behavior.

I’m actually more surprised that high school kids still hang out together when one or more of them becomes famous, “as he gathered with fellow members of his class at Gonzaga, a Catholic high school in Washington from which Cuccinelli also graduated”.

Martin O’Malley is 56 years old.

Why isn’t he releasing all the Catholic boys from the grips of Catholic priests who hold them captive for their entire lives absent the actual cage? It’s a psychological cage that never leaves them.

Don’t play politics with children in cages. Be the example and release them in your own church and in your own cities and states.

ADD-ON: What O’Malley proposes is that Donald Trump and anyone in the current administration immediately release all the children held at the border into the desert to be preyed upon by Catholic priests and sex traffickers for profit. That’s that deal. That’s what will happen.

They’ll take the problem boys first, saying they’ll straighten them out, all they need is some discipline. We all know what that discipline means. Martin O’Malley also knows. He is the one advocating the release to the churches. I say no. I will always say no. Better they stay where they are until a solution emerges.

Going from one cage to another cage is not a viable solution.

Notice how the Pope keeps telling the US to release the children. I say no, not to them, not ever to anyone who claims to want them.

If someone wants them, they want them for their own personal use or as commodities.

Martin O’Malley has not presented a viable solution that starts and ends in a good place.

Handing them over to their own people is the same as handing them over to a slew of slave masters, who will own and exploit them, making them forever indebted to those who freed them. What kind of freedom is that?

I’m asking, because the world and especially the children, deserve a concrete answer. “I don’t know” is not a satisfactory answer in this situation. Find out.

These children are not inanimate objects to be sold to the highest bidder. That’s the plan from the other side. “We’ll take them off your hands, put them in good homes, feed them, clothe then, educate them, vaccinate them for sure, all we need is some benefits we can rely on over time”. Although we have networks and some donation resources, it’s going to cost.

The ‘Tell’ here is “we’ll take them off your hands”. Like damaged dogs or half dead plants, seen as eventually becoming profitable if nourished back to sanity and health. By their own people of course.

Hey, we know how to do it. We’ve done it with millions of others. Ever hear anyone complain?

That’s another ‘Tell’ – ever hear anyone complain? Why not, should be the question?

You mean that millions of people go through an initiation, an indoctrination process and nobody ever filed a complaint about bad treatment? Why not?

Slaves can’t do that. They wouldn’t live to tell about it. How many died who tried?

Those children whom everybody claims to love are not free. They’re not happy. Everything they think, say and do is controlled through somebody else with consequences for non-compliance.



Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that’s why they’re always thinking on it, with it, and through it.

Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country – I don’t suppose.

I wonder though, if there are significant cultural and aesthetic and moral differences among black countries like there are among white countries? Absent modern day immigration.

Do all the black peoples from all the black countries in Africa sing and dance together, eat the same food, think the same thoughts, speak in one black voice like they do in America?

Or, at least that’s the impression professional blacks, those who make a profession out of their skin, want to imprint on the world.

Like one China, one voice, one huge, massive simultaneous vote?

Is that Black Africa too?

China’s changing. That unison, simultaneous strategy keeps the populace tethered to each other.

That’s the same as slavery, and I think the Chinese are waking up to that.

Maybe it’s time for black Africans to wake up too.

Everybody votes for the same thing, when they’re trained to follow the group.

Who do the leaders follow, though?

Not the populace; I can guarantee you that.




Brutalizing people is not an effective recruiting strategy. Neither is making enemies to build friendships.

Standing at a 13% population disadvantage, making enemies by bringing white people to their knees and ruining their businesses for offenses committed by other people in the past is a destructive use of small town tactics to gain up town recognition – a recognition that is not sustainable, simply because it is based on the false premise that white people today are responsible for practices that all races and cultures engaged in many years ago.

Contrary to social media and cable opinion outlets the movers and shakers of the world don’t like bullies. They dislike even more those who seek to destroy the businesses in which they invest.

I have yet to see a plan emerge that had a positive global goal attached, which leads not just me but many others to the conclusion that the revenge tactics used by Black Lives Matter Terrorists serve a visceral purpose that cannot and will not translate into financial growth.

USA Census for 1860 was 31.4 million of which 3.9 million or 12.6% total population were slaves and children of slaves.

Slavery ended in 1863.

Population of USA in 2018 was 327.1 million.

By 1863 approximately  3.9 million slaves including their children were legally freed.

Approximately three hundred million people and 156 years later, some 246 million white people, none of whom participated in slavery, are now being held hostage and responsible for deeds that occurred prior to the Emancipation Proclamation Act of 1863 and the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolishing slavery. Prior to that time slavery was legal on a Federal level, although in some states it had already been outlawed to varying degrees.

There is no legal precedent for one race of persons to hold accountable another race of persons for cultural and/or socio-economic missteps that in time became abolished. Madison Avenue and Wall Street have nothing to gain and everything to lose by participating in and supporting the white-lynching tactics of ruining white people’s careers and businesses based on a nondescript terrorist agenda for the sole purpose of terrorizing the white race and destroying their culture, careers, businesses and families using revenge tactics to protest an institution that no longer exists.

In that regard they are much like ISIS terrorists who want to return to the past to recoup losses that cannot be recovered,  so they take life and limb and liberty from the white people of the present. That is enslavement and torture, which will lead to slaughter if left unchecked.




White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks

White people, all white people, of European descent, have been openly and subversively blamed and targeted for reprisals by black people in America for decades, without any recourse or recognition, legal or otherwise for being falsely accused, abused and collectively punished for the enslavement of African blacks centuries earlier, a practice which they did not create, condone nor participate in.

Millions upon millions of people unjustly accused and convicted in the kangaroo courts in America where their characters and careers are publicly dismantled by-association of color and countries of origin in the public squares where they live, work, and socialize by Black People Of America after demanding an apology from the white target for being white. It’s called WHITE-LYNCHING.

For decades nearly all white people in America stood down and bore the brunt of African rage, allowed to proceed unchecked out of fear of what black people would do if they didn’t. Not any more.

White people have reached their saturation point of being collectively tortured for something they had no part in. You don’t abuse someone, then tell them the abuse will stop if they join your cause. Those are terrorists talking.

Weary of being forced to bow to black America or lose all they worked hard to achieve their entire lives, changed the dynamic on race in the current climate in America. They went too far too long. Blacks wanted it to be all about race so it will be.

The world will see who the real terrorists are now, centuries later, when it is shown that black Africans refused to heal for financial and privilege benefits. Europeans are weary of being forced to explain themselves, being called racist bigots when it’s the blacks who are the racist bigots by demanding cash from people who didn’t participate in their past.

Don’t include us in your HUSTLE schemes to turn white against white. Eventually, whites will organize, as they should since they’ve been abused by blacks in America too long for blacks to change on their own. Blacks institutionalized prejudice and discrimination against all white people for their personal gain and collective gain as a race.

There are no laws protecting white people against hate crimes, either locally, state or on the national level. Keep that in mind the next time you take a bow to please someone because they think you should feel guilty for the color of your skin. It’s a hustle – the AFRICAN HUSTLE. Don’t fall for it.

Never apologize for calling someone a name they call themselves publicly. Again, it’s a hustle – the African HUSTLE. Don’t give them the satisfaction of mind-lynching you in public.

Yes, white is a color. We are people of color – the color white, and yes, it is a beautiful color.

There’s no universal law that states you have to like or dislike certain types of people. Blacks don’t like anybody they can’t control, but they want you to like them more than your own kind. Ask them to do the same. That’s where the discrimination shows – expecting somebody else to do something you won’t do.

Ask the black person to join the white people cause. You know where that will go – right down the toilet. You know the cause – all white people are blamed for slavery, so that gives all descendants of slaves the right to own and abuse white people forever. That condition of servitude to black people and entitlement to own white people is outlawed, but the blacks still engage with impunity – widespread engagement.

Slave isn’t a race by the way, nor an ethnicity, so you can’t be a descendant of slaves. There’s no DNA marker associated with slavery. By insisting there is, you discriminate by pigeon-holing people into DNA categories that don’t exist, making them forever slaves. Besides, all humans come from slave cultures; it’s just that Africa hasn’t gotten out of their slave-state-trait mindset yet. Why? They don’t feel the need. They’re mostly black. There’s no benefit to collect for cleaning up their culture. When there’s money on the table, they’ll start the hustle, not until.

Cultures don’t have DNA markers either. The chain of poverty is not represented in the DNA helix.

You have a right by nature to feel more comfortable among people of your own race, gender, ethnicity. Nature actually dictates it.

I’m feeling white people’s pain, not the pain of black people. The blacks are faking their pain for financial benefit. Cory Booker, a black guy who thinks he has the right temperament for public office is one bad faker. He has to look at his notes to tell him when to cry in pain. “Can’t you feel my pain, can’t you feel it?”, as he musters his entire body using the art of theatrics to play the parts of millions of black people all at once, crying in unison.

I see black people rub their eyeballs till they sting and tear up, to make people feel sorry for them. It’s a common and popular strategy used among most black people. If they can’t find a tear to make a point, they’ll create the illusion of a flood by harming their own eyeballs.

No, I can’t feel your pain because you’re faking it. I told you the first time.

I feel the prejudicial pain of white people, a forever pain imposed on white souls for acts of enslavement they had no play in, put upon them by the entire black race. Now that is one mother fucker bitch of a suitcase to haul around with you for your entire existence on Earth, forced upon whites by blacks under threats of even more grotesque acts against you and all your family members, even your four-legged family members, if you do not submit to the black African will.

I heard it. I heard it all. How could I help but hear it? The injustice of falsely accusing and punishing an entire race of people who are innocent? For so long? But then I don’t support collective punishment. I didn’t support it when the Jews did it to the Palestinians and I don’t support it when black Americans do it to white Americans.

Fixating on the past for financial benefit is getting old, especially in light of the truth of slavery still existing in the world today, and these blacks, in particular, couldn’t care less. There’s the tell right there. It isn’t about slavery. It’s about the Hustle. THE AFRICAN HUSTLE.

Don’t ever apologize for being accurate. Don’t ever bow to validate their’s or anybody else’s superiority. They’re big on black supremacy. Then they cry like a baby when somebody calls them the same name they call themselves. It’s all a show. In the aftermath, out of sight of white folks, they’re all laughing and rolling on the floor, counting their money and recounting for all to hear the fear in the eyes of those they broke. It’s the hustle; they just happen to be particularly good at faking tears to make them look like a flood.

This isn’t about blacks needing more and more money to heal, because we all know it’s a forever Nigerian scam. No hospital in the world would want to operate on a race that refuses to heal to keep free money and privileges flowing into their color categories.

It’s about white people needing to heal from the grossly unjust punishment imposed on them by an entire black race for personal financial gain – decade after decade after decade without any let-up.

Europe and Africa at war. That’s what the blacks wanted it to be – all about race. Who will win?

I’m in it for me. So I already won. I stand my ground, even if they plant a bomb beneath me. I’ll be standing when you find me.