RE: Hondurans forming migrant caravan for US stopped in homeland

It looks like these so-called migrants are dressed for a community outing, masks and all, babies in strollers even, for a 1,125 mile trek to the Texas, USA border, demanding entry? Why not call before you leave to see if they’ll let you in? They just assume they will? They think pity will open the […]


The Compassionate Band-Aid Strategy

Using children as tools to commit crimes or as tools to make more money isn’t new. Years ago people had large families, so the children grew up tending the fields and working the farms – being trained early in the execution of their ‘chores’. When factories came along, they were the first in line. ‘Imagine […]


RE: Twitter Erupts After Melania Trump Vows To ‘Continue’ Fighting For Children Everywhere

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight   1-27-2019 RE:  Twitter Erupts After Melania Trump Vows To ‘Continue’ Fighting For Children Everywhere When adults use children to commit crimes or to gain favor and they are captured together, they are separated for the welfare of the child. Maybe in Mexico or Central or South America they put young children […]