Trump = A Progressive Patriot

Donald Trump is a patriotic progressive, something I hadn’t seen before in any president, who’s not afraid to engage the people in his decision-making process while actually in office.

What surprises me is that most anti-Trump people have yet to figure out that glaring strategy.

Pick a topic. He throws out a ludicrous position which always leads to floods of feedback, which then he uses to form his stances. Past presidents relied on the CIA for input and suggestions and a few community leaders.

All other political candidates say “we can win but we need your help; we can’t do it alone.” But who has the time for the never-ending activism of knocking on doors, or standing in malls for hours signing up new voters?

With Trump all you have to do is shout out your ideas while you keep doing what you’re doing in your private life.

Brilliant strategy. Most politicians don’t have that confidence to share the stage. Their egos get in the way. Trump shares the stage with everybody.





1-  The one(s) who suggested the action.

2-  The one(s) who made the decision(s) to act.

3-  The one(s) who executed the action(s).



Has your strategy turned you into what you hate in others?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



That’s why Hispanics turned into brown people not that long ago.

They saw black people raking in the dough by exploiting their color.

White people pay.

Big rich white people pay so the blacks don’t ruin their businesses.

So sure. Hey man, we’re brown. Look at our skin. Forget all that Hispanic and Latino and south of the border mumbo jumbo.


What’s the matter you don’t like our skin color? That’s hate. That’s prejudice. I didn’t get that job because I’m brown. That’s discrimination.

PAY UP GRINGO. Why don’t you like brown people?


Video games are the epitome of hyperbole.

Exaggeration to make a point. That’s hyperbole and is probably more commonly used than the lie in persuading an opponent or raising an issue. “It weighed a ton” doesn’t mean it actually weighed a ton. It means it weighed a lot, always more than the person looking at it thought it weighed.

Video games by their nature are exaggerated. Everything about the design, the plan, the expectations, the results.

Hyperbole has been around a lot longer than video games. In fact, since humans could communicate, that’s how long it’s been used as a tool to influence. To influence, we exaggerate for the purpose of imprinting the brain, not with the precise wordage, but with the basic message. And it works.

Everybody in the world knows how to identify it, use it and benefit by it – except apparently Millennials, who were raised on video games.

How do you think these games kept your attention long enough to raise you?  Hyperbole. Exaggerating to make a point. A tool used to influence; to guide your thoughts thus your actions. It works.

So why do Millennials get so upset by the use of hyperbole, when they were raised on it?

My figure is that they lost often – the game, the video game.

They probably lost more often than they won. So much so, that when they hear someone use hyperbole, they go nuts, off the rails, can’t stand it. Shame them, ban them, name-call them, burn them in effigy, punch them in effigy.

Wow, who could have predicted the result of years of playing arcade or computer video games?


Since everybody uses it to influence others, that leaves the Millennials at a distinct disadvantage in coping with all forms of human interaction and behavior.

Vegan Elitists and Slaughterhouse Sympathizers

By Design


Jewish is an adjective.

Jew is a noun.

Get used to it.

Enter that into your next round of dictionary and word usage books, which you compile and publish for everybody else, with an acceptable usage designation.

Contact McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster.

“Who does she think she is, talking to us like that?”


Get the feel of it. Own you, not how somebody describes you.

Stop trying to own a word that nobody can say for fear of having their lives made a living hell.

Stop the ‘hell’ thing and others will stop wanting to destroy you before you destroy them.

When you tell the world that you don’t care that everybody hates you, that signals to them that you think you’re above everybody else and can do whatever you want to whomever you want – with impunity. You set up that circle of hatred so you can keep taking out vengeance on innocent people, making them fear you, so they’ll give you what you want.

That’s terrorism. Instilling fear is terrorism.

It’s odd that you don’t mind being called a terrorist, but scream when somebody calls you a Jew. Yet you want a Jewish state of Israel, based on your Jewness.

That’s some kind of convoluted strategy to take what you want from others. Keep popping them, so you can take the entire bank in reparations for name-calling.

Neo-nazis? Really? I thought they were you. Jews.

Yeah, they’re you.

Neo-Nazis are JEWS.

Nazis are socialists. You know, the people who take somebody’s land to give to somebody else expecting a favor in return?

What are you doing in Mexico anyway?

What? No engineers and architects in Mexico? Brazil? Central America, South America? Honduras??

What are you doing there beneath the radar?

Organizing, funding caravans of poor people funneling and tunneling them out of the regions you want to inhabit?

Found your real land of milk and honey did you?

The 13th Tribe of Israel – in Spain. Opportunity knocked and you walked straight through that door, hiding your tracks behind you by discounting the ‘find’ – Basque Country isn’t really your birth place after all. Such high hopes deflated.

Yeah, it is.

So where did your people go?

To the Americas. That’s why so many Jews are in the United States. And now going to Mexico and all the Americas. They’ve been there for a very long time.

Ever notice how Israel cares for the French Jews, no matter where they be? Well, half of Basque country is in France – half in Spain.

They don’t want France nor Spain. They want the Americas, the place to where the Basque people migrated. Self-governing people. They don’t like others telling them what to do. They don’t like other people’s rules and laws. So it would seem.

They never wanted the Middle East. It was given to them by the British. They left that hell long ago; why go back? They took what they could get and have paid dearly for it – and made others pay too.

The Americas, wow, that’s us. Those are our people. Not the stinky poor people who don’t want to work. Send them to the USA, where they’ll be dealt with. We have lots of our people in the USA. In fact, more there than anywhere.

By design?

We do everything by design.

Talk about lucrative. South of our own border. Yeah, we need a wall.

Drugs. Drugs. Jews are big drug takers. Look at Hollywood. Rain forests. Pharmaceuticals. They probably have diamonds and gold too. Silver. Copper. Lush, lush, lush, fertile, fertile. Just enough desert to make a statement –  to remind us how far we’ve come. They’ve got everything God promised us. Why do you think they never did anything with it all? God wouldn’t let them – till we arrived.

We’ve arrived. With engineers and architects.


MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody



Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move.

Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the middle, biggest part that needs equal attention and consideration for a totally developed package.

Are you neglecting the middle part of the muscle?

Most people do. In fact, nearly all people do.

Is that you?

Put some pliability into your plans to change the world.

You’ll be glad you did.

You will outperform every other politician – on or off the field of politics.

Pick a field any field, the same holds true.


Which One Are You?

‘Almost always’ and ‘nearly never’ are what most mean when they say ‘always’ or ‘never’.

And most people understand the ‘gist’ of what somebody means. And/or they see the nuances in someone’s speech. Even if a person skips a word or two, most people can fill in the blanks accurately, or accurate enough to get the meaning. Except, of course, the opinion-news-broadcasters looking to pick a fight with or discredit or undermine a guest by focusing on minutia that otherwise would be overlooked by everybody else, except those who want to stall someone from completing their thought or idea or hypothesis or theory or story, you name it, it doesn’t matter because the point is not to allow someone their view.

When you know that someone knows what you mean, but they insist that they don’t by picking apart your sentence structure or grammar or applying the ‘letter of the law’ to every word you utter, thinking they are making you look foolish when in truth, it is they who look the fool, it’s a little annoying isn’t it?

Is it individuals who don’t understand the ‘gist’ or certain individuals who don’t see nuances? Or is that condition, if a condition at all, based on demographics? Certain categories of humans, perhaps who find themselves lacking in the ‘gist’ and ‘nuance’ comprehension departments of communication skills?


Free Press – A Strategy

Some people are using racial, ethnic and gender slurs to get free press. “Any press is good press”. Keeps the person’s name current. It’s so funny to see all these people apologizing in public just to keep their names in lights.

Most of the people whose careers were ruined for saying or doing something unsavory wanted out of their contracts. Another coup!

So many people have been called racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, child molester/pedophile, retard, whitey, cracker, white boy, white trash, nigger, spic, gringo, terrorist, pussies, dicks, pricks, cunts, sluts, asswipes, bitches, towel heads, Hitler, that the terms lost their sting already.

Nobody even cares about nigger anymore. There’s something about calling yourself, your family and friends a racial slur that turns white people off. Black people in Cleveland do it ad nauseam. It’s like they don’t know any other word. Wherever they gather, you hear that word more than any other. If they had to not say it, I think there wouldn’t be much else said. It has about a thousand uses.

Nazi? Really? Okay, I used it – once publicly. At a fur store protesting skinning animals alive. Weiss Furrier.

The Holocaust against all non-human animals is the longest-running mass murder operation and most globally destructive force executed on a daily basis that forms the economic foundations of all countries. That will end.

And when it does who’s going to be there who can truthfully say, “I was with you all along. Every day in every way known to me I was there.” Can you say that? You who fault everybody else for not stepping up and stepping in to stop the Holocaust in Europe. You blame them to this day. Well, don’t think the souls of the ones you ate won’t remember. ‘Everybody else was doing it’ is not justification for joining in and continuing the Holocaust. The world won’t excuse you, because they think you of all people should have led the way, knowing what it was like. There is a moral equivalency there and I know that you know that’s accurate.

If you’re going to make a production and a strategy out of name-calling or restricting word usage by some people and not others, then you need to resign yourselves to living in a chaotic place. It’s best not to engage, but it beats pummeling someone. Remember, names hurt. However, exploiting them to destroy people is unacceptable.

We destroy with greater vengeance and harm inflicted on the lives of people we don’t like, than punishment is meted out via the courts for actual crimes. We convict in the public square, then carry out the punishment when no crime was committed, just because somebody called us a name and we couldn’t handle the criticism.

What kind of democracy is that? It started with the Jews, didn’t it? You couldn’t call a Jew a Jew. Well, you’re not getting that one from me. You set a horrible example that now the world is following to disrupt a nation, the most powerful nation on the planet.

No. Jew is not a slur. Not Ever.

It’s not true that Israel is the vegan capital of the world, is it? You mean all those Russian Jews who you sold Palestinian land to turned vegan? You may have more vegan-option restaurants in Tel-Aviv, but that’s it. You don’t get the title before you earn it. When you create conflict thus prejudice by controlling speech for political or financial gain, a condition of oppression emerges and spreads through all ranks.

You did sell the land, right? You didn’t just give it to Russian maybe-Jews after you bulldozed the Palestinians off of it by bulldozing their structures. Did you?

Yeah, overuse tends to water-down the impact – of anything. Words are no exception.

Did you know that the ones diluting the message and impact by overusing the accusatory words, toward their targets, are the ones offended most by the words? The Jews are the ones calling everybody a Nazi. Nobody really cares anymore; it’s done so often in just about any circumstance where there’s disagreement on an issue. It’s like saying shit or damn. Jews are the ones offended by the word and they use it publicly against their targets more than anybody else.

The Blacks keep saying, “It worked for the Jews; it will work for us”. So, you’re the cause of all these people’s careers being ruined because they call someone a name they call themselves.

So this is the BIG thing to do. Announce to the world that you’re taking the words Jew and Kike (not that anyone uses Kike anymore) off your terrorism watch list. Your need for exclusivity has run its course and is of no further value to the State of Israel. So everybody in the world is free to walk about the cabin.

People still won’t use it, they’ll be afraid of consequences, but they have that option to include Jews into their discourse, instead of hinting by using other words or exaggerated facial expressions to let everybody know who they’re talking about. In addition, it will settle down those late night political puppets who are so far off the planet that they need to lose some of their security to bring them back to reality.

I’m working on a wave effect, no ripple. Low, wide, slow-moving, massive wave.

STRATEGY PLACEHOLDER. If that simple exercise in bringing people back to the planet isn’t instituted quickly, I reserve a space for a  strategy I was planning to use elsewhere.


Animal-eater. That’s my favorite new name. I made that one up. I use it freely. I want to see more of that by others. I wanna hear some screaming. Not in person or in public; on social media only. One name only: animal-eater.

I don’t want to see anybody verbally assaulted and terrorized when they go about their daily lives. Social media only.

ANIMAL EATER!!!!!!!!!!