RE: Tom Brady on ‘underdog’ Patriots: ‘I know everybody thinks we suck’

  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 1.14.2019 Tom Brady on ‘underdog’ Patriots: ‘I know everybody thinks we suck’ About all I can say after that expected triumph is Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports is one hell of a writer. Some of the best writers on the planet today write for sport and he’s one of them. The rest […]


MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody

SHOW SOME  MUSCLE. SHOW SOME PLIABILITY. Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move. Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the […]