How Does What I Don’t Eat Make Me A Terrorist?

Imagine the USA military – and the militaries of all countries – equating somebody’s food choices with being a terrorist. How naive and dangerous the stewards of nuclear weapons to think down that path, to make known that path publicly and never to walk it back for the purpose of satisfying global slaughter markets. Who’sContinue reading “How Does What I Don’t Eat Make Me A Terrorist?”

They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation CCF TORTURES PATIENTS With Impunity

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs. Speak before you bomb, Israel. Orthodox Jews occupying Palestine as theirs – to have and behold. A marriage; you mean they married a land and now the land is pregnant, so they can’t move? Just squat, poop and it’s yours?

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RE: Eddie Gallagher claims SEALs intended for detainee to die

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6 May 2021 Does the 17 year old have a name? TORTURE. TERRORISM. He was a terrorist, because he became the enemy in Iraq when the USA invaded, and that gave the USA military the right to torture him even if it was to give Navy Seals practice in the field. NOContinue reading “RE: Eddie Gallagher claims SEALs intended for detainee to die”

Sharon’s Monoloque

You don’t question. That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God goingContinue reading “Sharon’s Monoloque”

TIFFANY HADDISH makes deal with devil

ENTERTAINER WITH A PREJUDICE AGAINST FUR ANIMALS FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Comedian, Tiffany Haddish, recently made a deal with the devil. She’ll wear fur until white people stop killing black people. “I’m going to wear fur every day until they stop killing black people. When the police stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. It’sContinue reading “TIFFANY HADDISH makes deal with devil”