RE: Walensky CDC Director May Have Exacerbated THE WAR ON MASKS

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.13.2021 “But in her remarks on Thursday, Walensky clearly sought to extricate the agency she leads from the mask culture wars.“ Oh good, so now that I’m fully vaccinated and the two weeks wait time is long gone, which means I have all the antibodies I need to fight off the diseaseContinue reading “RE: Walensky CDC Director May Have Exacerbated THE WAR ON MASKS”

RE: Authorizing COVID-19 Vaccine

EVALUATE Act would require FDA consider advice from its own independent advisory committee before authorizing COVID-19 vaccine Does the COVID-19 crisis justify the FDA’s emergency use authorization, which could bypass their independent evaluation committee? Sharon On The News: No drug or vaccine is fully safe. A Products Advisory Committee will be just as political asContinue reading “RE: Authorizing COVID-19 Vaccine”