Veganism vs Plant Based

Mike Corthell shared a post.December 18 at 9:01 AM ·The Village VeganDecember 18 at 4:19 AM · 12.21.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight My COMMENT: What does whole food have to do with veganism? Nothing. It’s either made from animals or it isn’t. There should be no debate, but this is what happens when people want toContinue reading “Veganism vs Plant Based”

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism As A Strategy To Increase Their Numbers And Obtain Free Socio-Economic Benefits Black Lives Destroy Veganism by Associating Their Violent Strategies With The Animal Rights Movement Bartering with the lives of other animals to achieve your own goals is extortion and wholly unethical. Vegans are people for the ethical treatmentContinue reading “Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism”


VEGANISM AND TERRORISM Who would think that the vegan movement would become associated with terrorism? I wonder if they always were terrorists or if they’re really not vegans? All movements are subject to terrorist elements. I just didn’t expect it in the realm of animal rights – given that animal-eaters are animals too. So, vegansContinue reading “STOP ANTIFA”

RE: Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers (2)

‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Fri. 9/28/2018 I never knew there were so many experts on vegans who comment on Yahoo, who also eat animals. How did they find out so much about people they never met? If I’m not mistaken, France has a long history of chopping off the headsContinue reading “RE: Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers (2)”