Movies Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Let’s not always defer to movies to determine how we think and feel about other genders, ethnicities, races and religions. Okay?

The stories are from one or a few writers’ perspectives. Madison Avenue in the end decides. What will sell?

Plus within the underbelly of the foundation of all media you will find government forces humming like a bunch of bees on steroids.

If you don’t live among a wide variety of people, then all you know is what you see in the movies or on the internet. And even then, who has the time to take a front row seat to every individual’s life? No one.

Reserve judgment.

Even if the one person of a demographic did you wrong, really wrong, as you well know, not every person in that group would do the same under similar circumstances.

Even within those groups who claim to speak in one voice, privately they don’t. It depends who they’re with and who is listening.

It’s normal to judge the group by one person, when you know no others in the group.

It’s not enough for the group members to say that’s on you for not being our friend.

Well friendship is a fickle thing. Laying down rules of engagement, as in a war, for a future friendship is viewed suspiciously by most people.

Just know you’re not alone and we all make errors in judgment. The optimistic side is that errors can be remedied. Even if not with those who are offended by your views, then at least, and perhaps more importantly, in your own mind where those future views are formed.

Finding that balance for peace means more than having the world on board with who and what you are. Their views are equally scrutinized and at some point they will seek that balance in their own minds, and they, like you, will achieve that success.


Because you all seek it.

Tell Hollywood to go pound sand. It’s a construct after all, a means to control the masses, something all countries, territories and regions and groups are continually attempting to do in a multitude of ways; it’s not a person. So holler your lungs out in your mind and then shut the door.

The End.




Nobody has to prove their view to you.

Opinion, view, editorial, voir dire, don’t require proof. Where do all these people on social and news media get off saying you need to prove an opinion? No you don’t.

Is that coming from the gay writers – because it’s fairly new? Yeah I know you all must think that coming out of the closet meant you could say and do whatever it was that you did while in the closet, but no you can’t.

If you want your opinion to matter, then you need to allow that same courtesy to others gay or not. Proof or not.

You have a low tolerance for others who disagree with your black and white, short sighted, knee-jerk, feigned indignation views.

Stop hating everybody who isn’t like you. Okay, you love this one and hate that one like you’re picking petals off a daisy. Where’s the in between? There’s a lot of it and it doesn’t represent only one view.

One view is not a majority. 51:49 is almost equal. One half in support of, and one half in opposition to equals nearly total opposition to each other in statistically significant equal measure.

For each person who votes yes there’s a person who votes no, so it’s essentially null and void – except for a tiny minority of one point which wins and loses simultaneously.

The majority isn’t always right either. People tend to sway together. Monkey see monkey do. Copy cat.

Upon closer examination now we disagree where we previously agreed. And vice versa. Upon closer examination there will we greater discrepancy between the ‘in support of and in opposition to’ groups.

That’s called Monday morning quarterbacking or in hindsight. The problem is that the votes were already cast and now we must live with the outcome – until the next election and it starts all over again.

How much do we really know about the candidate, the party or what they believe? And will they remain the same throughout their term? Everybody changes, views evolve. Will we allow for the evolution of views without chastisement?

I’m doing this exercise for you. Living in a gay community I see and hear the process and the lack of process.

Being in the closet so long, put you at a disadvantage. But it’s a disadvantage that can be remedied quickly. And no it’s not a blow job. And yes that talk is inappropriate for public spaces. Just so you know I know the talk at the places you frequent.

And no I’m not gay like it’s any of your business, like you make it my business to know which way your genitals fly. You know I don’t care, right?

And most straight people who don’t live in Britain or Australia don’t like to hear the “cunt” word where they hang out. I don’t know why the English do that, but it makes them look ignorant and crass. They can’t complete a sentence without a reference to somebody’s private parts in it. Sounds like you all just got out of prison and haven’t relearned how to talk yet.

If you keep talking like that in multi gender bars and taverns, straight people won’t want to hang with you. Don’t blame them though when the bar turns to a gay bar.

You drove people away. Intentionally? One must wonder. “That’s how we act and straight people have to accept it”. No, that’s not how all gay people act in mixed company and no, they don’t have to accept it. That’s not what coming out means.

Brainstorm in your mind on what coming out means.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget you have protection in the Bill of Rights under the category of race. Gay is a race. And no, don’t accept changes in the definition in commonly and popularly used dictionaries. It doesn’t matter what was commonly thought or practiced. That was in the closet days.

Now we follow the truth instead of hiding it. Gay is a race. Race is not confined to color as many think. It doesn’t matter that the framers of the amendment didn’t think gay when writing or implementing the rights. But do we know that for sure? Any gays back then? Of course.

What matters is what we know now and how we interpret it now. We cannot say with certainty that we know what they thought back then.

And no, I’m not afraid of gay people. A person’s sexuality means nothing to me. It’s the other stuff that matters. When you attach gay to everything you do and say, then that’s discrimination. And that’s where I land.

Oh yeah and one more thing: Stop telling people who to like, love or hate. It wasn’t all that long ago that you made a big issue out of others telling you whom to love. Remember that? Well don’t forget the two way street. It’s real.