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It’s pretty simple really.

It’s about censorship.

For a long time now, when posting comments on news sites, especially Yahoo, I discovered that often times my views either were taken down or never went up after I posted them.

That’s what this site is about. Views I would have posted, or often times did, and that weren’t allowed by prejudicial editors whose agenda it was to control the comments for the purpose of controlling how the masses think and react.

Just to be sure my opinion counted, I opened up a separate website to do that.

In my mind, I couldn’t fight the faceless people working in the shadows allowing only the views their own people put out there.

Why so afraid?

Somehow their glaring prejudice turned-to-discrimination drove me to a place I needed to be – to expose the underbellies of the government working through comment sections to control your attitudes and moods.

Years ago when Steve was a commenter on, mostly about sports, but also politics, the same type faceless shadowy people controlling what gets actually posted, would allow people to criticize then President Obama without hesitation or censorship. When Benjamin Netanyahu came to the USA, the same exact words being used to criticize Obama were applied to Netanyahu and every time the post either didn’t go up or was taken down.

It was conducted as an experiment. The result was that people with prejudices working for the government in news outlets all over the USA determine the views you will see – for their own agenda-driven purposes.

That should tell you something about who drives the news and the views in America. Even now in 2019 (and now it’s 2022 – not only has nothing gotten better; it got worse).

So where are the real views – the actual reality of what people are thinking?

For me it starts here. With mine. The Alternative Reality.



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Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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