Liquid Plumr Ad – review

THERE’S A PLUMR IN ALL OF US. Take this Ad down before someone buys LIQUID PLUMR and drinks it to unplug, unclog themselves. Butt cracks? Equals associating the digestive system with a highly toxic poison. Suggested use? For fat people? The thin bodied person suggests she already used it with success?

El Chapo – Netflix

If you want to see a demonstration of translation of languages watch this interesting tale told two ways – both in English – one vocal and the other sub titles. Yet they’re both different – not far off the mark though. For instance: ‘you mother fucker’ spoken in English is translated via sub titles toContinue reading “El Chapo – Netflix”

The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capitalContinue reading “The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ”

Fake Comments And Haters

We all know what fake news is, even though we might not always be able to discern what is and what is not fake or real. Donald Trump made sure of that. Not that it hasn’t been around since the beginning of human life, it’s just that fake wasn’t the focus, it rested in theContinue reading “Fake Comments And Haters”

RE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized…

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 29 August 2021 RE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized… This is hypocritical coming from a news agency that sexualizes women because they think men and women like it. Boobs and butts – that’s what’s on the daily news from Yahoo, giving you your daily dose ofContinue reading “RE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized…”


A QUOTE IN A NETFLIX MULTIPLE SEASONS MOVIE THE POLITICIAN Character Payton Hobart: “How is it a sin to destroy the powerful to help the powerless?” The cycle of destroying the powerful doesn’t end. Destroy the powerful makes the powerless powerful, then a new group of powerless destroys them and on and on. Payton dressedContinue reading “THE POLITICIAN”

RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds

TALK SHOWS ARE RIGGED. The views are fake and predetermined. It’s not a conversation. It’s an indoctrination. The show is called THE TALK. If you can’t be honest in your views, then the show is a fraud. The Africans wanted a conversation, then when they got it, they couldn’t handle it. I say, dump theContinue reading “RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds”


Why do movies make the background music louder than the people’s voices. Tone down the background music so people can hear the voices. Why do they do that anyway? Who’s in charge of background music vs actor’s voices? What’s it called – the process, what’s it called?

Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?

YAHOO News Discontinued Its Comment Section? Remember that? A while back, Yahoo News cancelled their comment section that appeared after each article, when white people starting fighting back in response to Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa burning cities all over America terrorizing a nation in their homes, while they systematically destroyed lives and property, exploitingContinue reading “Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?”

Death Of An Altar Boy

DEATH OF AN ALTAR BOY This book was a difficult read. Firstly, because I knew the person accused by many outside of the realm of the legal system, although he was never formally charged. Secondly, because the design of the presentation wasn’t conducive to easy reading, presenting more like a complicated compilation of court documents,Continue reading “Death Of An Altar Boy”

Comedian Terrance Williams on Aunt Jemima

Finally something to laugh about. I liked the old Aunt Jemima. But the younger slimmer version too. Of course it’s fake maple syrup, but still plenty tasty. My father dressed me up like the fat Aunt Jemima – cork face and all – for Halloween one year when I was a kid – we couldn’tContinue reading “Comedian Terrance Williams on Aunt Jemima”

OUTLANDER – a series

A Visit To My History Through A Film INVERNESS, SCOTLAND A city on Scotland’s northeast coast, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth. It’s the largest city and the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. Its Old Town features 19th-century Inverness Cathedral, the mostly 18th-century Old High Church and an indoor Victorian Market sellingContinue reading “OUTLANDER – a series”


SNAPSHOTS OF WAR Painted by God “If we don’t need the gory details to tell a story about gore, then maybe we don’t need to accept war as inevitable.” ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight “LEAVING WITHOUT A TRACE” A war story-movie about the sacrifices a family makes in real time on the ground, when one isContinue reading “‘LEAVE NO TRACE’ – MOVIE REVIEW”

This post has been banned by Facebook for hate speech

Originally posted on WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT™:
Banned Post: Laws People Think Are Theirs’ To Break Are Major Ones ? Blacks and Hispanics force white people to fight their battles for them. They do it with their dogs and gamecocks too – force them to fight, for the purpose of monetary gain. It’s always about the money.…

Discover Your Clifton Strengths by Tom Rath

CLIFTON STRENGTHS I’m glad I took this test and recommend it for everybody, whether your job searching or not. In fact, a good place to start taking it is in high school. Students can take it online and get immediate results for their use only. Schools should start politicking for it. What’s good and beneficialContinue reading “Discover Your Clifton Strengths by Tom Rath”

Astrophysics for people in a hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson – a book review

Never before have I written a review on a book where I didn’t understand ninety-nine percent of the material in it. “Astrophysics is a very broad subject; it requires knowledge of fields such as electromagnetic theory, mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics quantum mechanics, relativity, nuclear physics and particle physics. The study of astrophysics includes measuring propertiesContinue reading “Astrophysics for people in a hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson – a book review”