3 LEVELS OF BLAME 1-  The one(s) who suggested the action. 2-  The one(s) who made the decision(s) to act. 3-  The one(s) who executed the action(s).  


Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter

from What Happened Yesterday (W.H.Y.) SLAUGHTER IS NOT A DETERRENT TO SLAUGHTER A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one or more - with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of … Continue reading Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter


A HOLOCAUST FOR LAND I recall that way back in the 9-11 days, some, or maybe one (and the others who thought it, thought better about not speaking it), voiced that it must take a lot of courage to blow one's self up, knowing the horrible death they would suffer. That does take courage - … Continue reading A HOLOCAUST FOR LAND

You Can Take The African Out Of Africa, But…

Continental Africa has fifty-four countries in it, more countries than any other continent, yet black Africans still want to inhabit every other place on earth. One of the most desired destinations is the USA. Wouldn't you think that after the horror of slavery, the USA would be the last place on earth black Africans would … Continue reading You Can Take The African Out Of Africa, But…


Humans are adept at manipulating other humans, but inept at manipulating themselves. Why? Manipulation involves sneaky behaviors and actions that we cannot hide from ourselves. How do you trick yourself into being manipulated? You can't, because you know the scheme; you're it's author.  

AMBER RENE GUYER IS INNOCENT of premeditated murder – Why?

RE: AMBER RENE GUYGER THE SPANISH have this thing about opening other people's doors. I live in a building with lots of Hispanics - some speak English, some don't, some pretend not to. There's a unit next to mine that the leasing office always fills with Hispanics when the previous tenants move out. And they … Continue reading AMBER RENE GUYER IS INNOCENT of premeditated murder – Why?

The First Human

Where in Africa did the first human emerge? Why Africa? Why only in one location? If it was spontaneous, then spontaneous could happen simultaneously in many places under the same or similar conditions consisting of the same elements and forces. What were the land or sea boundaries where humans first occurred? What country would that … Continue reading The First Human


People want you to do what they're doing. It makes them feel more comfortable if you're as fat as they are, or at least if you're dining out together, that you eat as much as they do. Or eat the same kinds of food. Or drink the same drinks. Smoke the same cigarettes, wear the … Continue reading COWARDS EAT COWS. WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE?

Side Effects Of Overusing Words

Watering down prejudice and discrimination via name-calling. There's a side effect aka adverse reaction to overusing words to describe objectionable behavior or to accuse people of certain objectionable behaviors. The professional media, as well as trolls of social media, are actually desensitizing the world to prejudice and discrimination by calling out everybody under the sun, more … Continue reading Side Effects Of Overusing Words