Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.03.2020

Nothing will happen to the assailants of the man and the stealers of his car. Same as in Cleveland. The government gives them carte blanche to steal whatever they want. The legacy of slavery they claim. Since when were Hispanics slaves? Oh right, they’re brown so they get included. I still don’t get the brown part.

One guy has his pants practically down to his knees. Where do they get the guns? You mean their families don’t know they’re hiding guns in their bedrooms?

So the title should have read unarmed old white man gets pulled from his car, shot and his car hijacked by two brown black Hispanic youths? Pretending to be white? Is this what teenagers look like in 2020?

No story attached, so it will probably be taken down. If a white kid did it, it’d be all over the news. This was yesterday’s news, yet still no story.

It’s time for equal time and for the news agencies to stop the biased writing in favor of black and brown criminals and against law abiding white people. Ageism is in play here. Wait till these racist ageist writers get old.

The news outlets will claim that they don’t want to incite violence by saying a white kid or white man was unarmed and attacked by black and/or brown people. So instead they incite violence toward white people. That’s discrimination.

Seems like they’re operating from half a brain. A danger to society are these racist ageist writers. Turns out the news writers claiming others to be racists are racist themselves. Ever wonder why almost all the news these days falls in the category of opinion news reporting?

A thief is a thief. An assailant is an assailant. Using a firearm in the commission of a crime needs to be outlawed no matter the race or color or age.

Because there’s no story, viewers have to fill in the blanks of what happened themselves.

When a story is supplied, then they get into the history of the offenders, used usually to exonerate them from their offenses. Unless they’re white, and then the mantra is ‘convict before they’re even charged’.

Source: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera


RE: Poll: Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine falls to new low amid fears Trump is putting politics before safety

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 9.15.2020

Poll: Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine falls to new low amid fears Trump is putting politics before safety

Science doesn’t operate at the whim of any sitting president. Vaccines are not developed by presidents. The president doesn’t decide when, where, how, how much or who gets it. The president isn’t a legislator nor a dictator. 

It’s irresponsible journalism to link vaccine development with politics – either for or against a candidate.

The poll question didn’t ask if people would or wouldn’t take a vaccine because of president Trump. It only asked if they would take it.

Misinformation that comes out of the White House regarding science is not the responsibility of a president. It falls squarely on the shoulders of the science community that often gets it wrong due to lack of the necessary knowledge required to get it right, before they pass that information on.

Every country that has the capability is desperately seeking a vaccine that works, with few side effects, not one that gets somebody elected or not elected. They do this for the well being of the human race, not for individual politicians.

If somebody wants to politicize vaccine development, then talk about availability to all humans throughout the world, and who will and with what, pay for it.

People were reticent of vaccines long before Donald Trump came into office, caused mainly by pharmaceutical companies not being straight forward with those receiving the vaccines, including the mixing of different vaccines in one application and the use of neurotoxins as preserving agents. It had nothing to do with the sitting president or any other president.

Science many times gets it wrong. Science is not infallible. It’s all based on theory. Unscrupulous journalists with prejudicial agendas are the main obstacle to getting accurate information to the public, not the politicians. The media transmits information. Everybody else gives an opinion. If the media gets it wrong everybody suffers.


RE: Michelle Obama Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

Michelle Obama Speaks Out About Facing Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

She just doesn’t get it. Why the need for every white to notice every black person who crosses their paths?

White people don’t look for the same attention that black people do. Staring at someone, or looking someone in the eye just for the heck of it, is considered by most white people to be creepy. They don’t like it when people stare, and black people do a lot of it. They are always trying to make eye contact – with complete strangers.

What’s the point of it?

It’s a difference in culture, that one might have thought she would have gotten by now. It’s not racism.

It’s hard to believe she would even think much less say that.

What’s so exhausting? Her never-ending need to be recognized 24/7 by white people?

Do white people make that demand of black people? See me. See me. It’s pathetic.

Stop demanding everyone’s attention, because of your skin. White people have skin too and I for one am tired of being attacked for it.

Talk about privilege. First Lady still complaining about her horrible life?

Stop trying to own white people and controlling what they think, say and do.

White people don’t want nor do they need masters.

Try being nice without a condition or benefit attached to it. Anger is exhausting. White people don’t owe you anything.

And no, you can’t have my house. You have millions of dollars and more than one home. You took mine and I only had one. Now I’m in public housing. You stole every used car I had, Now I take the bus.

Maybe people don’t like you because of your condescending attitude toward white people.

Why would you tell white people that they can’t move from a neighborhood when black people move in and take it over? People have a right to live where they want to live. If you trash my neighborhood, I won’t feel comfortable living there. Why would you want white people to lower their standards for black people who trash neighborhoods? Would you?

Why don’t you give me one of your houses and cars and bank accounts?

So you thought by being rich and famous, that everyone would love you? Like you anyway. Nobody likes rich and famous people. How could you not know that?

Even the rich and famous don’t like the rich and famous.

And this made news for you. Stooping a little too low to get attention by beating up white people in the press is my view.


RE: Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail?

Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.15.2020

The title only says some of it. Ohioans got their applications for mail-in ballots for state elections. We mailed ours in and expect no problems with the actual ballots. The post office didn’t need an extra 25 billion dollars to do it. That’s way too much money. Tax payers are going to have to pay that back. Trump said he wants a deal, so make a deal. “…“Now, if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting, they just can’t have it.”…”

  • Learn to listen and read.

The post office allocation is in the deal. Democrats want to piece meal it. Stop playing with the voters I say to everyone, especially to Democrats. I’m tired of congress spending time and money on bills they know in advance won’t pass the senate. Find a compromise. Instead they use their working hours to purposely create failure so they can blame it on the Republicans. The Republicans did the same thing when Obama was in office. 

I’m shocked that Obama can’t see that he is advocating doing the exact same thing that he abhorred in others when they did it. When are you going to stop this game? Show us in detail where the post office suddenly needs 25 billion dollars that they didn’t need prior to the CC Virus?

Where’s our stimulus check Nancy Pelosi? Make a deal. Delay is not a deal it’s a strategy to hurt the American people. It’s not your money Nancy Pelosi. It’s ours. We have too many wealthy people in Congress.

Twenty-five BILLION???

Frankly, I’ve seen in Cleveland what people do with the mail. There will be a plan in place to confiscate ballots. Blacks in Cleveland are allowed to steal people’s packages. Nobody cares – as long as they’re black. The same with stealing cars. People have insurance, so the green light goes on for Blacks stealing cars.

Postal workers deliver all the packages to one place and everybody knows when. Surveillance cameras don’t deter thieves, because they know that management won’t check them. I tried. My packages are stolen regularly. The ballots will be stolen too.

Voting places already practice social distancing. I can go to a bar and a restaurant, but can’t vote because the booths are too close to one another? No they’re not. Open all polling places. Issue mail-in votes as previously done. I get the option every year through the mail. Why all of a sudden does it require 25 billion dollars? Postal workers already self-distance , inside and outside. Ever been to a post office? Really? Does Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats think we’re that stupid? Has she ever been to a post office?

I’m 71 years old. I need a picture ID to buy a bottle of wine or beer at Walgreens and the grocery store. I need a picture ID to use a pre-paid senior bus pass otherwise they won’t let me on the bus. And now the Democrats want people to be able to vote without a picture ID? Where are my civil rights? don’t I have any? because I’m white? Who are these people? Why do I need one to buy beer or take a bus? Looking for terrorists? chances are they won’t be in Walgreen’s or taking a bus. And Democrats say certain other people don’t have to show a picture ID??

Make a stimulus deal for every American. Stop bailing out failing businesses that were already failing. It’s our money not yours. You’re filthy rich, we’re not.


Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

8.3.2020  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“Of course, we have to continue addressing the root causes of the violence, first, that poverty be eliminated,” said López Obrador, adding “second, that there be no more corruption,” noting that gangs like Yépez Ortiz’s could not have grown into such a problem without “the complicity, the cooperation of local and state authorities.”

Sharon’s comment:

Poverty isn’t the root cause of the existence of organized crime. Many more poor people than not don’t steal or buy stolen goods.

People want to get rich quick without much effort. Police and politicians take graft and look the other way to allow organized crime to exist. They make living wages. What’s their excuse?

Maybe developing a social conscience and a code of ethics might make everybody a little wealthier and happier. The only reason the pipelines were tapped and fuel given to the rural people was to keep their mouths shut about their other activities. Even if they could purchase all the oil they needed themselves, they’d still take the freebies, if they knew they could get away with it. But many more wouldn’t. They know it’s not theirs, and they know the strings attached aren’t worth it.

People come to America, supposedly the richest nation on earth to follow a dream – a dream of wealth, not work. They’re disappointed when one needs to know the language to get a decent job, and even then, one needs to be skilled and know the territory. 

Even so, most end up sending most of what they make back to their country of origin, so the ones who take the payoffs spoil the economic lives of everybody else. How can one expect to support a family here, and a multitude of families back home? It’s unrealistic.

Why does the USA allow cartels to flourish in the USA? Police and politicians are no different here than in Mexico. They take payoffs. And look where we are. Just like Mexico.


RE: Navy Seals launch investigation after dog demonstration used Colin Kaepernick jersey to slam protests

Navy SEALs launch investigation after dog demonstration used Colin Kaepernick jersey to slam protests

8.3.2020  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Learn to laugh at yourself Kaepernick.

Dog fighting is big in the black African communities, so I say let’s start there for social change.

Let’s use mechanical dogs if you just can’t block those urges to watch one dog tear apart another dog.

Need to see the blood and hear the screams? Red paint and an audio of Kaepernick screaming like a baby that somebody laughed at him.


Illinois officials call to abolish history classes

Illinois officials call to abolish history classes in the state until an ‘alternative’ is set up to highlight underrepresented groups

8.4.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Including men from underrepresented groups still leaves out over half the human race. where is their contribution to history. Tell her story too.



Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Woman who woke up from surgery with hair braided by doctor makes the case for more Black physicians: ‘It can save lives’

It’s called prepping for surgery. Cut the hair. It will grow back. Why make a political pity-filled scene of it all? It’s just hair. When you’re having head surgery and won’t cut your hair, and the prep nurses are afraid to touch it for liability reasons, the hair has gone way too far in ruling too many lives.

So the world needs more Black physicians because they know how to braid Black women’s hair who don’t want it cut for head surgery? Why didn’t she braid it herself? Why didn’t her family braid it?

If Yahoo News thinks she made a case for more Black doctors, because of this guy’s hair salon skills, they’re as shallow as she is. Better hope the next clinic or hospital that hires a Black doctor requires qualifications other than hair stylist.

I just don’t know how you can raise the need for a particular race of doctors based on their ability to style your hair.

Did somebody make up this story to promote Black hair? Has there been a national holiday name after it yet? BLACK HAIR DAY?

Just so you know, braiding is braiding, no matter the race, color or thickness of hair.


Charlamagne Tha God Says Nick Cannon Was Fired Because ‘Jews Have The Power’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Charlamagne Tha God Says Nick Cannon Was Fired Because ‘Jews Have The Power’

Jewish leaders condemn ‘hurtful words’ by Nick Cannon

Charlamagne has a right to voice his opinion. This forever preferential treatment of Jews just because they’re Jews needs to be seen for what it is. A scam.

The Anti-defamation League is a terrorist organization spreading terror worldwide into the lives of anyone who dares utter the word Jew or call a Jew out or criticize the Jews. It’s all the same word.

Stop ruining people’s lives because they criticize. You define yourselves as Jews, so don’t feign indignation and hurt followed by a terror attack against an individual if someone tells their truth with your name attached to it.

It’s time the Jews step down from the pedestal on which they placed themselves. Stop condemning anyone who criticizes you.

If you want to be a world player you had better learn to take the criticism without ruining somebody’s life.

Just the fact that you spoke out so vehemently proves the point being made. If you want to be considered as individuals then stop calling each individual a group.


Federal officers use gas to clear protesters in Portland

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Federal officers use gas to clear protesters in Portland

States need to stop acting like countries. The USA isn’t the European Union. 

Antifa is listed as a terrorist organization. On national security issues the Feds override the state and local police. Two months of protests is too long to make a point. 

If there was one to be made it should have been made the first day. Long term protesting demoralizes the residents and puts the city in a vulnerable position. 

Mayors and governors aren’t schooled in military operations and need to stand down and let the Feds do their job – keep the citizens safe, secure and less vulnerable to attack.


RE: Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

The only existential threat in the region is toward Palestinians by Israeli Jews.

Rockets have never ‘rained’ down; the few that made it where Jews illegally live is nothing compared to the carpet bombing in Gaza to take out their infrastructure every few years.

Be accurate. Free the Palestinians from Jewish occupation and Jews won’t have to build domes.

So this guy is going to create a dome that kills the virus or redirects it to Palestinians?

So, they’re going to buy recognition of the Jewish state by offering those particular states who don’t recognize them the blueprints of this magical dome?

Palestine too one would have to assume?

Calling the CC virus an existential threat toward Jews implies that the CC virus knows who Jews are and where they reside. How did this even make news, much less get printed?

It almost sounds as if the Jews in Palestine orchestrated the global spread of the virus and now they have the dome cure. Why sell the technology to only countries that don’t recognize Israel as a state?

Not a very good start on making friendships, being so discriminatory. If it worked, why not give it to everyone for free? What does this even have to do with rockets?


Protestors Dictate Terms For Private Property Owners?

The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Why should protestors be allowed on their private property, or anybody’s property? They own it and have a right to protect what they own.

Mobs are weapons of mass destruction as the world knows from the mob justice executed around the world by Black Lives.

Protesting at people’s individual homes on their private property should not be allowed by law. Did these protestors get a permit to be on this couple’s property?

Now the press wants to destroy their peace by digging up dirt on them and making them somehow the villain. This is just another case where Black Lives are destroying white people, one at a time, where they live.

Regarding the bees, I say to the Hasidic Jews to stop raising bees for honey. Stop teaching children to enslave, use and abuse other species for your benefit.

Tabloid news. Trolling for dirt, then slanting it to ruin lives. Their lives matter too. Let’s do a background check on each protestor, and see how they like it when it’s done to them. Then let’s circulate it all over social media. There will be law suits for sure.

It seems like everybody has become a spy. And nobody likes it when it’s done to them. So stop doing it to others.

These are CITY BURNERS who claim these two white people cannot defend their own property with guns when approached by a MOB of CITY BURNERS, with no police present to protect them. I see an injustice there.


Why So Much Racism In The USA?

A. ” Why is there so much racism in America when you’re all immigrants (apart from the indigenous) anyway? You’re all on the same level. Just so baffled.”

Q. The so-called indigenous are immigrants too. 

People like to wander, discover, and crave new adventures. They’re not coming to build a country; it’s already built. They’re a little late to the party so-to-speak. 

Most people in the USA now are born from separatists, people who didn’t or didn’t want to fit in. It’s no surprise that they exhibit separatist traits. Those wanting to live here illegally (or outside the law) are also separatists. They have no plans to integrate.

People are by nature suspicious of strangers for survival reasons. Would you let a stranger walk into your house or backyard? Many people think of America as home. They fear people they don’t understand. You can’t just call somebody a racist and expect that ‘uncertainty’ to disappear. 

In fact, those who scream obscenities and slurs and isms and ists at those who want everyone accounted for in the country where they live, raise rather than lower that fear level. 

There is as much so-called racism in other countries where there is the greatest diversity, not unlike the USA.

In the Middle East or Africa or India where people are pretty much the same, they find other reasons to shun people who otherwise look and act like themselves.

I don’t see any mystery. 

Understanding something doesn’t equal condoning it. If nothing else, it lowers somewhat the anxiety level of the individual, group and ultimately the masses. 

When some group wants to excite the masses, they usually start rumors they know in advance will have that effect.

MO MAJID from FACEBOOK doesn’t understand that the immigrants in the USA do not all come from one country or one location. Their roots are in numerous countries. Probably from every country on earth. Each country has its own language and multiple groups and cultures. So of course there is friction among differing peoples from differing countries wanting to occupy the same country.


RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.9.2020

Why “all lives matter” communicates to Black people that their lives don’t

It’s getting so, groups with agendas see coded messages in everything. Too bad. The words speak for themselves. Stop the paranoia. ALL LIVES MATTER has been around for a long time. One race shouldn’t dictate to all others how and what they can speak. That’s discrimination.

Africans are big users of coded words, that don’t even sound like words, that Europeans don’t understand. Should we ban them from saying them? NO. Hurtful words too. Walk into any bar in Cleveland late at night where Africans and Europeans gather.

Humans are meant to speak, meant to communicate. Let them do it. Black Lives has gone too far when they start suppressing free speech.

How would they know what Europeans are thinking when they say something? Are they mind-readers? It’s disturbing to see so many rich Africans complaining about being marginalized by words that include everybody. That’s what equality looks like.

Wanting to own words looks like one group wanting superiority and exclusivity over another group. We as a world cannot go back to that place in the name of revenge discrimination.

In my extended view, Africans at least in America, let their feelings drive them more than their intellect. Every non-black in the world cannot be held responsible for every black person’s feelings.

These supposed black views by activists in the media do not coincide with the views of most blacks I engage with day-to-day.

When non-black individuals frequently get their feelings hurt, their non-black family and friends tell them they’re thinking too much about themselves and not enough about everybody else.

I say that to the black talking heads all over the media. You’re thinking too much about yourselves and not enough about others. That you speak for all black people proves you dictate to your own color how they’re supposed to feel. That’s called oppression.


Researcher ‘on verge of making very significant’ coronavirus findings shot to death

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.6.2020

Researcher ‘on verge of making very significant’ coronavirus findings shot to death

And on the same day Israel announces via World Reuters: “Israel isolates coronavirus antibody in ‘significant breakthrough’ – minister”? 

And then, “Israel plans thousands of new settler homes ahead of Pompeo visit. 

Who in the USA would murder someone close to a breakthrough in coronavirus research? To whose benefit?


Israel Vows To Pursue Syria Operations Until Iran Leaves

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.5 2020

Israel Vows To Pursue Syria Operations Until Iran Leaves

Looks like Israel’s long term goal is to occupy Syria. Golan Heights isn’t enough. Another foot in the door. 

Says Israel, “This is our life we are talking about, the life of our children, and if we allowed them to settle in Syria… in a year we will wake up with 10,000 missiles, 20,000 missiles, that would put us in danger.” 

Coming from Israel (the Settler capital of the world), it sounds hypocritical. 

Israel is basically telling Iran to focus on domestic affairs, while Israel drops bombs to tell Syrians who’s really in charge. 

Israeli Jews have long-patterned their operations after the USA, including the Indian Reservation debacle. Citing Viet Nam as synonymous with what the Israeli Jews are doing in Syria was probably not prudent. Viet Nam was also a debacle.


LOPEZ Using Her Body To Get Attention Again

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.17.2020

Jennifer Lopez, 50, hailed as an ‘ageless queen’ after posting ab-baring bikini selfie

Women and the media news outlets who follow them around have become too obsessed with how their bodies look. I thought all that ended with the Women’s Liberation Movement – evidently not in all cultures.

It used to be the men objectifying women that women objected too, now women objectify themselves and each other.

It looks like they really didn’t want to be known for something beyond their sex appeal.

It’s not a good example set to younger girls, most all of whom fall short of these mannequin-styled women, but who knows, maybe they’ll be the ones who finally set it all right in future years.

If I had a daughter, and as much money as Lopez has, I would certainly hope pole-humping would not be on her to-do list of adventures and worthy aspirations.

And I would hope that she wouldn’t want her fifty year old mother/grandmother to find her destiny and fulfill her dreams by using pole-humping to get the attention she craved.

What was the reason given for all the pole-humping at the super bowl halftime show? Oh, Lopez was supporting all the Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and South Americans and the rest of the Spanish speaking world? Women and children who are forced to hump poles by old rich European men? She wants to make it a valid, respectful profession?

In years past many celebrity Spanish women claimed that all Spanish men cheat once they’re married. I happen to know that most Spanish women don’t like their husbands doing that. So why would Lopez want to raise up, as respectful, a line of work – pole-humping – that encourages it. Every bar that has a pole is where prostitutes hang out. So if the Spanish women don’t like to be cheated on, why would they want to profit by other men cheating on their wives?

Further, why do Spanish women participate in the sex slave trade? It’s not only men. Women are facilitators at every level. Should we make that respectful too? What you fail to change, just accept as respectful?

Lopez and her objectification of herself and other women just isn’t news worthy, but here it is again, long after the super bowl ended.

I think she may be vying for the Kardashian’s spotlight.


Israeli Mayor Orders Palestinian ‘Surrender’ Billboards Removed

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.16.2020

Israeli mayor orders Palestinian ‘surrender’ billboards removed

I thought one had to have permits for billboards. How did this get approved, especially in light of increased tensions after the release of Kushner’s Perpetual Parole Plan for Palestinians living on Palestinian land?

Taking them down was the correct action. Its presence would have incited more violence. It incited me and I’m in America and I don’t incite easily.

What Jews do in Palestine affects the entire world, especially the United States. We don’t need another Jew-generated 9-11, so keep your perpetual need to humiliate others in your own homes out of view of the world.

Maybe that was Israel’s point – to incite violence, so they could say, ‘there they go again‘ after Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations promised there would be no violence.

In a related article the group responsible for the billboard ad threatens legal action to restore it.

  • The billboard portrays Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas top terrorist Ismail Haniyeh with hands raised and waving white flags, with text accompanying the image saying that “peace can be made only with enemies who are defeated.”
  • Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai personally ordered the removal of a billboard that had been paid for by a right-wing organization demanding Israeli action against terror. The group, called the Israel Victory Project, said it would move immediately to take legal action to restore the billboard.
  • Huldai wrote in a social media post that “I ordered the removal of the billboard showing Abbas and Haniyeh on their knees, with their eyes covered and their hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. The image incites to violence and reminds one of Islamic State and Nazi images that we would not want to be associated with. Red lines exist even during election campaigns.
  • We must look at reality in the face – that peace will only be possible when the Palestinians and Hamas are defeated, along with their desire to destroy Israel.

This sounds like a call to war to me by the side who claims to want peace. Conservative or liberal or in between, they’re still Jews, speaking in one voice – as always – when speaking to the world.

So this is what happens in Tel Aviv? The self-proclaimed VEGAN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? Nazis came home to roost in Tel Aviv?

I find it odd that Jews frequently claim certain words spoken or words written, usually minor in nature, will cause a holocaust against them.

Yet, when the tables are turned they don’t afford others that same degree of sensitivity or censorship. Mayor Huldai of Tel Aviv did the right thing by removing the offensive and inciteful images and message, which demeaned the Palestinian people and called for another war to defeat the Palestinians plus Hamas once and for all.

ADD- ON: The title applied to this news story is ambiguous. At first I thought it meant that the Palestinians who removed the billboard were being ordered to surrender it to Israelis.

For someone who already knows the story, it doesn’t matter much, but for those who don’t, the writers should make their titles more clear – their not in a creative writing class; they work for a world news agency, supposedly disseminating news accurately – which includes the title.



PETA slams Jennifer Lopez for wearing feathers during Super Bowl halftime show: ‘Dozens of birds were KILLED for this’

Steve taped the half-time show plus the second half of the game and we saw it last night.

I thought the show lacked originality.

The entire dance company did a lot of sophisticated Ape moves, so I guess one can say they we’re either channeling our 90% Ape heritage or honoring it on behalf of the Apes who still lived enslaved in Africa.

Either way, the over-sized bird feather coat and the way Lopez awkwardly flaunted it was over-the-top shameful and ridiculous looking.

Hey, I am a bird; I can fly. Or I am an American bird and I can fly. Or if you want to fly come to America. Or if you want to come to America, FLY.

Well, SHE didn’t fly (the dead birds wouldn’t let her), except from a dance pole that grounded her.

It was when she turned her back to the audience and bent over to BUTT AMERICA (a little too long) with ruffles hanging out from her crotch that I got her artistic message to Hispanics:


Don’t walk to America, FLY.

The BIRDS will protect you with their FEATHER COATS.



LGBT Rights Group Demands Sanders Renounce Rogan Endorsement

YELLOW square-profile SHARON copy

LGBT Rights Group Demands Sanders Renounce Rogan Endorsement

Renouncing people has become ridiculous. I thought the Democratic Tent was all-inclusive?

Why turn people away when if you include them they could change their view?

If the Gay community wants acceptance, then they should respond in kind. Open your hearts and minds and others may do the same.

So many conditions everybody sets. That’s why I don’t belong to groups that tell you what and how to think. Too robotic for my tastes. lol. Really, I’m just shaking my head. Hey, I don’t care if terrorists are on my follow list – maybe they’ll read another view that opens them to possibilities.

People change more rapidly when exposed to different schools of thought, than they do when they’re punished or isolated for not sharing yours.


Trump heard saying he wanted Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch gotten rid of, ABC reports

YELLOW square-profile SHARON copy

Trump heard saying he wanted Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch gotten rid of, ABC reports

What has Ukraine done for the USA? Nothing, but promise us Crimea during the Olympics, which we lost, because we had no global right to it.

The country is bankrupt. No one really thinks all that money promised Ukraine is going to go into a missile defense shield operated by the USA, do they? This is Karsai and Afghanistan all over again. I say, let the Americans vote on who gets what and when and how much.

It’s the taxpayers who pay. All the middle people. Our money could be better spent on providing our own citizens a better quality of life.

Seniors took a big hit when the cost of medicare increased and absorbed the increase in social security standard of living benefits. I ended up with 2 dollars a month. Our rent increases every year – by a lot more than 2 dollars.

The healthcare system works only for the very poor and the rich and upper middle classes. Seniors are not a protected class in reality – and they come from all sectors.

I’d like to know how many IOUs to social security funds are still outstanding, that were used for other than seniors. Senior residences are being converted into HUD operated entities used as dumping grounds for all ages and special demographics, leaving the seniors to have to look for other places to live.

We need to stop bailing out other countries who abuse their own funds, at the taxpayer’s expense. The current strategy of paying countries to like us needs to stop. They squander the funds and always come back for more.

Ukraine isn’t keeping Americans safe.

President Trump took the correct actions by demanding Ukraine get their financial house in order before dumping billions of dollars on them, which will end up in the bank accounts of the rich and powerful Ukrainians, absent any oversight. Stop throwing our money away.


Teacher Of The Year Kneels At Football Game Knowing Donald And Melania Trump Attended


Kelly Holstine said, “Kneeling is a way to show respect for the military and our country, while also supporting oppressed and marginalized humans.”

This coming from a “Teacher Of The Year?”  Where has she been for the past few years? When somebody kneels, in respect and thanksgiving, they kneel on both knees. You ‘take a knee’ on one knee, not two. If she wants to show the military and our country respect, she should volunteer at one of the ‘help the veterans groups’. 

What she was actually doing was using a public forum to disrespect the President of the USA and the First Lady.

Since when are gays marginalized? They’re all over the news all the time. Write a letter to the White House, your congresspeople. Teach your kids how to go through the process – instead of taking the quick route, by humiliating someone in public. This coming from a gay person is hypocritical, given that gays claim non-gays humiliate them and gays want respect. Well, it works both ways.

This whole mess of an action gone logically and strategically awry, while all Holstine could complain about was her knee shaking. That’s what made headlines on Yahoo – ‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’. She’s forty-six years old acting like a kid. She’s a teacher; she has experience in public speaking. Lots of it.

As Teacher Of The Year, she was the first gay teacher bestowed that honor, then refused, like a petulant child, to go to the White House when invited, because she what? Wanted more? How does one get more than that, unless they’re trying to blow up the White House?

First you get recognized, then you get a meeting, establish a rapport, then go from there. She had it all right in the palms of both hands and she threw it away to get international recognition by humiliating the President and First Lady in public. In other words, she wants somebody else to do her work for her. TAKING A KNEE is EASY. What’s a shaky leg and complaining about it do for the gay community she says is marginalized? She’s acting like a confused teenager.

  • No. I’m not going to say all those capital letters when referencing every alternate sexual identification group that exists.
  • Oddly, the most discriminated against sexual orientation group in the USA right now are heterosexuals, whom she blames for all that goes wrong in their lives. 
  • Oddly, the ones beating up gays in gay restrooms and gay bars, and the ones raping gays, are gays.

Kelly Holstine, director of educational equity at OutFront Minnesota, an LGBT+ civil rights group doesn’t use all the capital letters either. Who can remember them all and in perfect order? LGBT + civil rights. That demand alone is discriminatory against heterosexuals and Euro-Americans. It looks like she wants Africans and Spaniards on her side, suggesting by the omission of Euro-Americans, that they don’t deserve civil rights?

It’s hard to believe that after all these decades, gay women still want to be called lesbians. Why, if they want equality with men don’t they include both men and women under the gay designation? If two gay women are in a relationship and one takes the male part and the other takes the female part, is one considered lesbian and the other gay? I don’t know. How would I know, since they have so many categories and classifications. She’s discriminating against women here – still. Even I call both gay men and lesbians, GAY. Gay man. Gay woman. Gay.

Oh, and other marginalized HUMANS? What does that mean? Other animals, not in her ‘human’ category, don’t deserve rights? Do gays eat animals? Does she?

As a teacher of anything she didn’t make the grade. Does she teach only gay kids? If not, then where does that leave all the kids who don’t fit into her marginalized category? Up the creek without a paddle. She’s forty-six years old – and she’s teaching discrimination. Actually, sexual orientation should not be a factor in anybody’s classroom, yet she made it a factor by refusing to attend the White House for a teacher of the year award – based on her sexual orientation.

‘Treat everybody the same’ evidently is not her goal. She wants to separate, not unite. If it’s to unite, then it has to be on the terms of the group to which she belongs, which means every human except Euro-American heterosexuals.

Now that does not make for a good teacher.

Should we be classifying all animals according to their sexual orientation? Only HUMAN animals?

Okay, all the L people stand over here. All the G people sit over here. All the Q people, here. All the T people here. All the B people stand over there. All the C (conflicted) people come on up here. All the P (plus) people go stand in that corner. All the civil rights impaired people, form a circle around me. 

All the H (heterosexual) people and the E (Euro) people kneel over here. You’ve got a lot of praying and paying to do. Both knees. Get down on both knees and show your respect to the others whom you oppress.

Hey Sharon, do I have to take this course? No. Get out of there.  

School shouldn’t be about categorizing and dividing people according to sexual orientation.

Gays shouldn’t get a free pass because they’re gay. Nor should anybody get a free pass because of the category that society or another competing group puts them into. I’m Euro-American and heterosexual. I never got a free pass, in fact, I’ve been overlooked and pushed aside my entire life to make way for somebody else.

Equality was never achieved by assigning people to particular groups or by curing a prejudice with discrimination. 

Payback never solves a crisis; it creates one.

Grow up. If you want the president’s ear, then accept the invitation when it’s given.

‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’





RE: Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes

Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes


It’s Hollywood-style. He’s an actor. If something about a person can be changed, it’s fair game. That’s their rule.

Yahoo UK. The British still call people by their sexual organs. It dominates their movies: dick, cunt, fuckwit, wanker, pedo, cocksucker, dickhead, douche bag.

The USA military pays for sex changes. People can’t get heart transplants because they can’t afford it.

Old people get wheelchairs instead of back surgery that could cure them.

Transpeople are quickly turning into a privileged class, while whining all the way to the top. Maybe we should be more sympathetic toward non-transgender people, who live with what they’ve got, whether they like it or not.

Why DO men have more rights than women? That’s the real offense. Why does Hollywood still put rape scenes in movies? Re-enact rape, because it happens in real life?

In my view, transgender people are stealing attention away from more serious grievances by dominating the news – every day all the time. I’m surprised they didn’t blame Donald Trump. Or did they and I didn’t notice, because transgender Trumps Trump?

Are transgender people regarded as handicapped? Do they want to be? I live around transgender people. They make fun of everybody. So do gays. Maybe they should lead the example parade on gender sensitivity, if they’re so offended.

Or maybe they’re not. Maybe the offended ones are heterosexuals acting on behalf of transgender people. I don’t know. Maybe they should grow a pair (or two) and learn to laugh at themselves. lol. 

ADD-ON: Transphobic means fear of transgender people. I’ve never heard of anybody fearing transgenders.


RE: Racist posters which appeared in city centre condemned

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.17. 2019

Racist posters which appeared in city centre condemned

Living in a city where old people are targeted because they’re white, this is a much needed message.

Yes. It is okay to be white. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to be who you are.

If black is beautiful, then so is white beautiful.

If blacks can be proud to be black, then whites can be proud to be white.

Those who disagree are the real racists.

It’s like being afraid to say you’re from Massachusetts, or that you’re Catholic.


RE: O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11.29.2019

O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Aren’t there stalking and menacing laws in D.C.? How can one patron force another patron to leave a bar?

There are juvenile detention centers all over the US in nearly all towns/cities where underage children are put who break the laws. Why isn’t O’Malley trying to release those children from those cages?

Maybe O’Malley shouldn’t be trying to ‘hijack’ people in bars to have ‘serious’ discussions. O’Malley may do well to look at his own boundary issues regarding his own behavior.

I’m actually more surprised that high school kids still hang out together when one or more of them becomes famous, “as he gathered with fellow members of his class at Gonzaga, a Catholic high school in Washington from which Cuccinelli also graduated”.

Martin O’Malley is 56 years old.

Why isn’t he releasing all the Catholic boys from the grips of Catholic priests who hold them captive for their entire lives absent the actual cage? It’s a psychological cage that never leaves them.

Don’t play politics with children in cages. Be the example and release them in your own church and in your own cities and states.

ADD-ON: What O’Malley proposes is that Donald Trump and anyone in the current administration immediately release all the children held at the border into the desert to be preyed upon by Catholic priests and sex traffickers for profit. That’s that deal. That’s what will happen.

They’ll take the problem boys first, saying they’ll straighten them out, all they need is some discipline. We all know what that discipline means. Martin O’Malley also knows. He is the one advocating the release to the churches. I say no. I will always say no. Better they stay where they are until a solution emerges.

Going from one cage to another cage is not a viable solution.

Notice how the Pope keeps telling the US to release the children. I say no, not to them, not ever to anyone who claims to want them.

If someone wants them, they want them for their own personal use or as commodities.

Martin O’Malley has not presented a viable solution that starts and ends in a good place.

Handing them over to their own people is the same as handing them over to a slew of slave masters, who will own and exploit them, making them forever indebted to those who freed them. What kind of freedom is that?

I’m asking, because the world and especially the children, deserve a concrete answer. “I don’t know” is not a satisfactory answer in this situation. Find out.

These children are not inanimate objects to be sold to the highest bidder. That’s the plan from the other side. “We’ll take them off your hands, put them in good homes, feed them, clothe then, educate them, vaccinate them for sure, all we need is some benefits we can rely on over time”. Although we have networks and some donation resources, it’s going to cost.

The ‘Tell’ here is “we’ll take them off your hands”. Like damaged dogs or half dead plants, seen as eventually becoming profitable if nourished back to sanity and health. By their own people of course.

Hey, we know how to do it. We’ve done it with millions of others. Ever hear anyone complain?

That’s another ‘Tell’ – ever hear anyone complain? Why not, should be the question?

You mean that millions of people go through an initiation, an indoctrination process and nobody ever filed a complaint about bad treatment? Why not?

Slaves can’t do that. They wouldn’t live to tell about it. How many died who tried?

Those children whom everybody claims to love are not free. They’re not happy. Everything they think, say and do is controlled through somebody else with consequences for non-compliance.



YELLOW square-profile SHARON copy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.9.2019

Jim Carrey has a long history of depression that he made very public long ago.

He since has found a cure for his depression and others might be unwittingly following his example.

Cure for depression = brutalizing people with your art.

Every time I see this guy now he’s smiling.

President Trump is his therapy. Jim Carrey should be paying for that.

It sets a bad example to glow every time you abuse someone.



RE: House Intelligence Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  11.25.2019

House Intelligence Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas

RE: REPORT: “Guiliani crony handed over tapes to House panel”

That’s the lead title to make you click on the story.

The word crony is an ageist slur. The writer of that slur is an ageist.

Blacks don’t like racial slurs, gays don’t like gender slurs, women don’t like sexist slurs, Hispanics don’t like ethnic slurs, old people don’t like ageist slurs.

Nobody calls a young person a crony. There is nothing positive about that word. Yahoo writers need to clean up their prejudicial writing.


RE: Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11/20/2019

Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

I grew up in an area where Spanish people (specifically Puerto Ricans) lived, and they in the warm weather hung outside their windows. Every day, Every night. And yes, they often put their kids on the window ledge, because they were on the window ledge, hanging their feet over or leaning over.

It was dangerous, but they did it. It was their way. Part of their culture. I do not believe that this man in any way intentionally harmed his granddaughter. He just did what came naturally to him, to place his granddaughter up on the ledge, as so may Spanish people do with themselves and their children.

  • The only question for him should be why he thought the window was closed.

My own mother and father would never have placed me on a window sill for any reason, but Spanish people do that. I think it’s time for them to change that way about their culture.

My only question for the people who maintain the ship is why only one window out of all the windows was open? Or was it being replaced? Or, perhaps they purposely keep one window open, so people can experience the fresh air while leaning over the rail.

Puerto Ricans know the habits of Puerto Ricans. I would not be so quick to absolve the ship company from liability if they left the window purposely open, knowing there were Spanish speaking people on board who like to hang out of windows.

Why was only one window open and why was the grandfather drawn to it?

People falling from windows is not that uncommon.

Spanish people specifically are fascinated by windows and doors. They like them open. They like that feeling of freedom – of bringing the outside world to the inside.



RE: There’s reason to believe NFL’s Colin Kaepernick workout was a Trojan horse.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

The Trojan Horse got into the Kingdom.
Kaepernick did not


When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight   10/14/2019

When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Black people in America appropriated those braids from the Native Americans. Blacks are not native to America.

Let people wear their hair any way they want. What kind of society dictates who can wear what hair style?

Maybe blacks should stop dying their hair blonde, and straightening their hair, thus appropriating white people’s hair style. It works both ways.

Leave people’s hair alone, and stop looking for payment or prejudice where there should be none.

Corn rows are named after corn fields. The American black did not invent corn.

In Cleveland I’ve seen several very white-skinned people with black people’s hair – thick and wiry. Does that mean they can’t twist their hair into dread locks?

Huff Post is taking people’s right to wear their hair how they want away from them. That’s not a liberal bias. It’s something else that’s much more ugly.

Who are non-black minorities? Does the term ‘non-black’ connote that everybody else is less important than black minorities? Does ‘black minority’ connote poor, middle or rich blacks? Does the minority status automatically assume an economic status? What constitutes a minority?

So are we talking about controlling how only poor minorities can wear their hair or rich minorities too?

How is it that a news and opinion website called the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington forced her writers to work for free as a privilege, became the expert on slavery issues and what is racist in America? There’s a big blind spot there.

Hair is not racist. So how about we stop making it racist? How about if the liberals stop dividing people based on hair? That is so prejudicial, but as they say in other circles, people with the most glaring prejudices, often can’t see through the hair.

Color me bald.



Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/14/2019

Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

A year or so ago, a blown up life size doll of President Trump was set up at various locations around some city for people to punch in the face or kick – like a BOBO doll that bounces back when you hit it.

This isn’t much different. Or like Kathy Griffin staging a mock beheading of the president.

Guess it was his time to hit back. Frankly, I doubt if he planned or staged it. His supporters did. Just like Hillary’s supporters staged the attacks on Trump.

It was ugly to watch, just as this video was also probably ugly to watch.

Seems we’re moving backwards in time, rather than forward as a people.

We seem to have no control over our own actions, instead blaming somebody we don’t even know for our own base behavior. Maybe it’s time we stopped letting outsiders control our emotions.




Sept. 4, 2019

ARTICLE: In new Sudan, women want more freedom, bigger political role

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

WOW, you mean women are just now wanting more freedom in Sudan? That’s what the title says.

I thought all blacks around the world were liberals, you know, democratically-minded. I thought they were naturally against all the policies of conservatism. SHOCKING to know the contrary truth.

Freedom begins at home, not in the public square. You wait too long, then you want strength in numbers, then you seek the violent route, then you go to jail.

Then people die.

Women worldwide contribute to the discrimination against them by becoming too comfortable in the submissive role within their families.

Some seek war to achieve freedom, others seek reconciliation to achieve freedom.

New Sudan, old Sudan doesn’t matter. The family is still the same family. That’s where the change should have been happening all along.



YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

My question is who gets the 170 million dollars? Gee. That’s a lot of money for violating a policy. Who has that kind of money? It seems like the government wants companies to violate policies so they can steal from them. A much lower fine is in order here. Nobody got raped or tortured or killed.

Somebody can lose an arm during an industrial negligence malfunction and only get a few thousand dollars compensation.

We the people deserve to know just where that 170 million dollars goes and how they arrive at the amount. Oversight is what we need. I thought congress is supposed to do that. Yes, and report back to us, the people.

Source: YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

YouTube “baited kids with nursery rhymes, cartoons, and more to feed its massively profitable behavioral advertising business,” Chopra said in a tweet. “It was lucrative, and it was illegal.”



Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist

GET OVER IT. “Humans and monkeys are both primates. But humans are not descended from monkeys or any other primate living today. We do share a common ape ancestor with chimpanzees.”

It looks like we’re all primates at some level. But it gets really confusing, because all the articles on evolution in Africa contain prejudicial info about calling black people monkeys rather than the facts. I mean, did black and white people evolve from the same animal or not? How difficult can that be to answer? Google is so afraid of hurting the feelings of black people, that their articles dance all around the issue.

I say stop disrespecting the ape, chimp, monkey, baboon by being offended by being called one. Who do you think you are? Better?


Source: Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist



Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit

If black people are so proud of their black color, then why are they so offended when somebody wants to dress up like them by painting their face black? They dye their hair blonde to look like white people, and white people don’t start screeching racism! Black people who complain for financial benefit are hypocrits with double standards written all over their actions.

Source: Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit



RE: ‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers

It’s time to convert factory and grass farms to animal-free agriculture. Animals were never meant to be used like plants.

Better now than later. No president can save the planet by repeating the mistakes of the past. Animal industries are not sustainable.

This is just the beginning of the end. It’s going to get a lot worse. Everybody but the farmers seem to accept it.

Transitioning now will be easier than a few years down the road when everybody will be rushing to convert amid hysteria and chaos.

Farmers are paid not to grow veggies now. The late-comers to conversion will be demanding the same – money for not raising animals for consumption.

Alternatives are limitless.



RE: Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Looks like another one of Obama’s “hey, that kid could have been me” opportunities.

Notice they never mention race unless it’s a white dude shooting an unarmed black dude.

That poor white woman had her head bashed in and then burned alive by a black man for no reason.

Maybe because she was an old white woman she deserved it.

ADD ON: Somebody in one of the numerous articles called this guy a white supremacist. He doesn’t look white to me.



Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

My parents didn’t take us out to eat when we were kids. Picnics in the summer time and fast food take out or pizza delivery in the winter, otherwise we ate at home. 

I’ve seen mothers of autistic kids actually make the kids worse in restaurants. The mothers make as much disturbance as the kids. Each time the kids start focusing on a task like coloring or putting things together, the mothers disrupted them with nosies and taps on the table, jingling keys, flying hands almost as if they wanted everyone to look. 

Socializing a difficult child by forcing them on others at public events or places should be discouraged. That mother knew better. She didn’t think of his needs when they went out, she thought of her own. 

Maybe they could socialize at church events, if she belongs to one, rather than using restaurants, staff and customers to do it.


Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

I don’t think there’s anything tongue-in-cheek or satirical about hunting any animal. But to hunt and kill humans because you don’t support their political party is an abomination. 

I hope that the democrats applauding this film really don’t fantasize about killing people. I know I don’t. This isn’t art; it’s trash and needs to be banned. 

There are too many copycats in the world whose brains need a little push. This could do it. 

How low can Hollywood go?