I told everyone the codes are in the recipes. What? You chose not to believe me? You won’t find them listening to me talk or reading what I write on the news, on philosophy, science, art, engineering, social issues or motivational tips.

Scour all the recipes and you’ll see patterns develop like in a painting – a multitude of patterns. Follow the dots; they’re not hidden. You wanted a mosaic of the world. It takes recipes to create one. Food pops up everywhere I travel. Breadcrumbs.

Mess one recipe up to show me you were there and there are consequences for blocking the view for others.

In the past you let your ego’s need to control the gift of others get the better of you.

I advise against it once again.

Laughing is good; it drops your defenses. That’s part of the plan too. Dismiss it out-of-hand; that drops the defenses too. It’s all in the plan, so easy to figure out. So easy to see.

FOLLOW THE FOOD. Might be a good idea to like what you see. SHOW SOME COURTESY FOR A CHANGE OF PACE. If you don’t then I’ll know you’re either stealing and/or lying. Not good for your soul.

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