The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capitalContinue reading “The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ”

Governments Religions Separatists

Nuns left the convents for many of the same reasons priests left. They remained silent too long and the guilt could only be washed away by leaving, not confessing to the knowledge of moral abuse of minors.

Israel Turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?

Sharon’s Say: Saudi Arabia has desalinated seawater since the 1950s and is… “the leading desalinated water producer in the world.” He noted that the Kingdom now has reliable access to drinking water, of which 60 percent is desalinated. Sep 12, 2022

All Religions Discriminate Against Women And Children

Being a young girl, in all male religion just didn’t fit me. There was no room for me as I saw it – then and now. That was not the way of Jesus as I thought and felt it should be. Nor God. Why would either one make me less than? The men always said,Continue reading “All Religions Discriminate Against Women And Children”

It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish

It’s because you can’t shut up about it. Nobody cares but you. Every time you take somebody else’s property or dignity you set up an anti-Jew campaign to slaughter any form of resistance – only you conveniently addon the Arabs to boost your silly poll numbers. Nobody cares about your numbers or how you gotContinue reading “It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish”

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs. Speak before you bomb, Israel. Orthodox Jews occupying Palestine as theirs – to have and behold. A marriage; you mean they married a land and now the land is pregnant, so they can’t move? Just squat, poop and it’s yours?

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Originally posted on FAMOUS LITTLE BOOKS OF SHARON™ new site:
I have a writing station in every room – except the bathroom. My thoughts end there. Private means private fellas, and female fellas and trans fellas. Okay? Oh, in my room I have three writing stations: desk, head of bed, foot of bed. In kitchen,…

Plan B

All Palestinians living on their own land are prisoners of war, occupied by Jews living in the region, eating up Palestine one square foot at a time until it all becomes Israel, land of the Jewish majority.

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Sexual Abuse By Clergy

Sharon’s Comment 9.3.2022 One must wonder why the FBI wants to go back decades to investigate child abuse by clergy, when sexual molestation by clergy is ongoing, right now. How to stop that? Or why do clergy get treated differently than non-clergy? Why don’t the laws protecting minors apply equally to all people, not justContinue reading “Sexual Abuse By Clergy”

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The Catholic Church Is About To Crumble Is It Worth Saving?

There’s only one thing the Catholic Church needs to focus on right now – only one – and that is child safety and keeping sex offenders out of the ministry or else the church will be destroyed – not from within, but from outside the church. By the looks of things, Jesus Christ must haveContinue reading “The Catholic Church Is About To Crumble Is It Worth Saving?”

Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included

Ashkenazic Jews 4,000 years old. ‘Ashkenazic Jews was an adopted name from intersecting trade routes in Turkey./ Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA September 5, 2018 7.25am EDT Author Eran Elhaik Lecturer in population, medical and evolutionary genomics, University of Sheffield University of Sheffield provides funding as a founding partner of TheContinue reading “Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included”

Re: Protesters against COVID measures fuel anti-Semitism: Israel

By ReutersJanuary 28, 2022 1:53pm  Updated JERUSALEM, Jan 27 — Protesters against COVID-19 measures who liken themselves to Jews under Nazi persecution are stoking global anti-Semitism, the Israeli government said in a report marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Such Holocaust tropes have become “widespread” and, along with violent demonstrations linked to Israel’s May war in Gaza, were mainContinue reading “Re: Protesters against COVID measures fuel anti-Semitism: Israel”

Re: Suspect in deadly Waukesha holiday parade crash says he feels ‘demonized’

“Six people have died as a result of their injuries sustained in the crash: Tammy Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; Leanne Owens, 71; Virginia Sorenson, 79; Wilhelm “Bill” Hospel, 82; and Jackson Sparks, 8. Sparks, the youngest of those killed, succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.” ( Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.18.2021 Unarmed seniors and a childContinue reading “Re: Suspect in deadly Waukesha holiday parade crash says he feels ‘demonized’”

Religions Are Collective Predators

Religions Are Collective Predators Religions prey on people’s fear of dying, fear of the unknown, fear of losing what they have. Why are so many charities required to do the work that governments claim to be doing? Then why so many charities? Why are churches so rich? Why do they own so much land? WhoContinue reading “Religions Are Collective Predators”

We All Get A Death Sentence

We all get a Death Sentence the minute we’re born. Religions prey on that, even calling it ORIGINAL SIN, that somehow baptizing the person will take away. Sprinkle a little water on the head, say a few words, blow a breath on the person and presto like magic you are free from prison. Where wasContinue reading “We All Get A Death Sentence”

God Is The Recipe

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECIPE. The Recipe Is Everything That Matters. THE RECIPE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. You say you don’t want a recipe. You laugh and say we don’t need your crazy dumass recipes. You’re dismissive when you say it’s not helping us. We need help you say, and all you doContinue reading “God Is The Recipe”

RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations Sharon’s View: Independence from whom? What country occupied the Jews from which they could claim independence? They just make stuff up wanting to look like the persecuted ones, when the opposite is true. Jews occupy every country in the world, but in Palestine they took over theContinue reading “RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations”

The Trigger Strategy

It’s being used all over social media. One group doesn’t like the other group, so they descend en masse on one of the oppositions posts or tweets and the owner of the post or tweet is charged with triggering a massive, negative response. It’s fake; it’s made-up; it’s a lie; it’s a strategy to silenceContinue reading “The Trigger Strategy”

Proof Of God Through A Parallel

Why So Many Humans Believe God Exists – It’s a parallel. We can’t see the mind, even with the highest powered microscope. But we know we have one. We see the result of it. We experience it in others. It’s called thinking that results in action. We’re beginning to see that non-human animals also haveContinue reading “Proof Of God Through A Parallel”

RE: Michelle Obama Reflects On “Wreckage” at the Capitol: “I Hurt for Our Country”

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 1.8.2021 How could anyone believe anything coming out of this person’s mouth when she described the burning of businesses and destroying of lives while terrorizing an entire country into submission to her people’s will as “the summers peaceful protests”? Another headline stating proTrump mob was dangerous, implying proDemocrat protests weren’t. In factContinue reading “RE: Michelle Obama Reflects On “Wreckage” at the Capitol: “I Hurt for Our Country””

RE: U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused on domestic extremists. Their latest target: Satanists.

12.21.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight My COMMENT: Why am I not surprised that The Order of Nine Angles (not angels) is British born and bred? The mystical entity that the world is supposed to collectively fear, they embrace. • [“Genuine Satanists do not talk – they do; they do not seek to study obscure legends andContinue reading “RE: U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused on domestic extremists. Their latest target: Satanists.”

Sharon’s Monoloque

You don’t question. That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God goingContinue reading “Sharon’s Monoloque”

Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.19.2020 I’m shocked that the Hasidic Jews didn’t stop it themselves. Why did they need city officials to do it for them? Ten thousand people descending in one location from around the country? Now they’re saying the corona/covid-19 virus is causing a rise in anti-Semitism. How can a virus do that? WhyContinue reading “Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials”

NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12 October 2020 • Councilman Kalman Yeger told the crowd: “We are not going to be deprived of the right that we have in America, like everybody else in America, the right to observe our religion,”… • Community activist Heshy Tischler… “It’s called civil disobedience, we can fight back,” Tischler said after tearingContinue reading “NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’”

Death Of An Altar Boy

DEATH OF AN ALTAR BOY This book was a difficult read. Firstly, because I knew the person accused by many outside of the realm of the legal system, although he was never formally charged. Secondly, because the design of the presentation wasn’t conducive to easy reading, presenting more like a complicated compilation of court documents,Continue reading “Death Of An Altar Boy”

RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 15 April 2019 AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar There’s supposed to be a separation of religion and state in the federal government. Omar brings her religion with her to work everyday, using the popular head coverings of Muslim women as her signature. She’s the one inciting violence.Continue reading “RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar”

Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter

from What Happened Yesterday (W.H.Y.) A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one or more – with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of a witch, burning humans corralled in lockedContinue reading “Slaughter Is Not A Deterrent To Slaughter”

Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?

Black leaders are popping blacks, just like Israelis pop the Jew populace each time they covet something and don’t want to wade through a process to get it. When Jews commit massacres in America, it’s the Jew psyche in play. Jew leaders know what to say and do publicly to disengage their own assailants fromContinue reading “Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?”