RE: ‘I Can’t’: Don Lemon Wells Up Over Photo Of Drowned Migrant Father And Daughter

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘I Can’t’: Don Lemon Wells Up Over Photo Of Drowned Migrant Father And Daughter

I don’t know. Don Lemon is an emotional person. Maybe he should have been there to tell the father not to go to a country illegally.

They just jump in the water and expect God to save them? Who tells them to do that? Oh, yeah, the Don Lemons of the world knowing full well the USA doesn’t have the resources in place to accommodate them.

Has he offered any of his millions of dollars to set up tents or maybe take a few dozen in to nurse them and find them jobs?

There are only radical solutions when dealing with such large numbers of people. Why isn’t he sponsoring any of them?

He’s the one who minimized and trivialized the numbers approaching the border not that long ago. He wanted to control the situation by controlling the news. Guess that didn’t work. Don Lemon needs to start acting like a grown up and stop blaming others for what migrants do to their children.

Why does Don Lemon tearing up make news? He’s starting to resemble Jussie Smollet’s acting stunts to get attention.

Add-on: These are serious situations and all Don Lemon can do to make sure he’s front and center is to make it about himself, by posing for pictures making him look like a blowfish. Really? That’s all you’ve got? Lame. You offer your fake tears? Cheap.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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