RE: Coming Soon: Being Force-Fed Insects

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 17 July 2021


Insects are animals. That’s how they’re scientifically listed, so if manufacturers are going to add insect flour to vegan, animal-free or plant-based foods, they will have a fight on their hands that they could have avoided by alerting on the package so everybody can see, if insects were part of the recipe, no matter how few.

Flexitarians won’t have a say about not wanting to eat insects. The largest market right now is in animal feed. So you get the insect indirectly through the animal you eat. Otherwise entrepreneurs sneak them into products without telling the consumer – like breads, pastries, health bars, flour and candy.

Two billion people in 130 countries eat insects regularly. So rather than feed them better plant food, some of the ‘world planners’ decided to make the rest of the world eat what they eat.

Just as many people probably don’t drink safe water. Following the insect-eating logic, then why don’t the rest of us drink dirty water too? And while you’re at it, how about if we don’t get vaccinated to stay in step with those in the world who don’t have access to vaccines because their leaders take all the wealth and make the rest, except for a privileged few, live in poverty?

BAD PLANNING – to go backwards in time, because two billion people still live there. Leave the insects alone. Plant your food like everybody else, so nobody gets hurt.

This all started in Arica, which the article conveniently leaves out so as not to jump on the Africans.

Raising up those two billion people to function in a modern world would be a better plan, rather than forcing the rest of the world to go backwards thousands of years so the insect-eating population can sell the rest of the modern day billions of people their insects.

I thought Bill and Linda Gates were teaching the poverty stricken how to plant seeds and harvest and process crops.

It sounds like factory farming insects is easier and more profitable.

Why introduce known allergens into the food supply? Nobody knows the health impact when processing huge amounts of insects.

It doesn’t matter how small the animal is, they’re still animals. The world is making a huge mistake. Any science that backs it up needs to be looked at with extreme skepticism. It won’t work and those who insist on it are opening up a whole new can of worms.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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