The Other White Meat

I don’t play by the rules of any movement. I’m an activist not a loyal follower of anything or anyone or anybody else’s agenda.

Although I registered as a democrat back in my early twenties and they have forever held me to it, I am not a member of the democratic political party – nor any political party. Although I am an independent person, I am not a member of the independent political party group.

I am not a member of the animal rights movement. I have never worked for the animal rights movement and if I ever protested where other animal rights people were also protesting, I made my own signs with my own messages and participated as an individual.

My self-worth is not based on what group I belong to, because I don’t belong to any.  No group or other individual rubber-stamps me with their belief system.

I belong to certain demographics and certain ancestries; I do not harbor in my DNA any of the political agendas associated with those demographics and ancestries.

Vegans think they can steal my work, put their name on it and call it theirs. That’s a Jew trick. They always say the same thing: It’s for the cause, not the individual. I’m all over social media under a zillion names all whom take credit for my words – sometimes changing a word here and there so that it’s not an exact replica. That must tell you something about who’s lacking in the department of original, creative thought – and integrity. Better their name than mine. We have the power; you have the words.

The words have the power as they well know, but they try to convince you of the opposite. That’s the Jew Hustle.

Yes, they’re white people.

Most vegans are Jews. And most Jews are white.

They use as a further excuse, that because I don’t charge people money to see my work, anybody can use it and put their name to it – or circulate it on social media under an anonymous signature, while their name hangs in the background as the one who sent it and whom people will identify with the message.

It’s a process of association not fact. It’s a hustle. A Jew hustle.  If those two hustle techniques don’t convince, then they say, you owe us. You called us Jew. How many times did you call us Jew? Multiply that times 3.14 and you owe us your soul and your words – forever. That’s a Jew Hustle.

Yes, they think in decimals.

Most Black groups when referencing or blaming white people for whatever it is that’s on their complaint Menu of the day, they really mean Jews. They’re just too scared of Jews to point the finger in the accurate direction, so they point the finger at a color – white.

They figure let the whites duke it out. What they’re lacking in knowledge, which is important in strategy, is that the other white people are as scared of them as Blacks are. Jews move underground in the USA via their Mossad terror network to destroy your life and the lives of your family if you do or say anything they don’t like.

They do it under the noses of congress and they do it with impunity. Lots of unsolved cases of people disappearing are the result of Mossad eliminating them.

So blacks inherently do know that there are white people (Jews) and the other white people (non-Jews).

They just pretend that they don’t, in order to save their own hides.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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