RE: ‘Dumb, nasty, choked like a dog’: So much for unity following Trump’s State of the Union address

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight
Who is the person who wrote this title, “Dumb, nasty, choked like a dog’: So much for unity following Trump’s State of the Union address”?

Is that an actual quote, or the editorializing of a headline created by one of Yahoo’s many under-qualified writers? They can’t even put their name to their work? They’ve been in the closet too long where reality doesn’t exist for them. Put your name to it so the world can shame you like you shame everybody else. “choke like a dog”!! I don’t know what country this writer lives in or comes from or why Yahoo thinks they should use the mental image of a ‘dog choking’ to get people’s attention, but no matter the country, there’s no excuse for disparaging a dog for any reason on any article meant for public or private consumption.

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