Rich vs Poor


Why don’t people compare rich Whites vs rich Blacks? Because they’re the same. There’s no measurably significant difference.

The only significant difference by a large margin is between rich and poor of all groups.

Black Lives keep comparing poor blacks to rich whites.

Truth be told, when comparing poor whites to poor blacks, the poor blacks are given more and greater privileges than poor whites.

• Walk into any post office for proof of blacks getting the cushy, secure, fully-benefitted government jobs.

• Employers get government kick-backs and incentives for hiring black over white.

• Low income blacks go ahead of the line of low income whites in all government programs including college acceptance and tuition adjustments.

That’s prejudice and discrimination based on color – favoring black over white.

Poor blacks have leaders they can turn to for justice. Poor whites don’t have leaders. They’re on their own and at the mercy of everybody else. Trust this: Rich whites hate poor whites; they repulse them. There’s no justice for poor whites. They just learned to live with it.

All poor people dream of being rich. The difference between black and white is that blacks made a racial cause out of it. They keep citing ratios – with all things being equal – without taking into consideration other variables and what it takes to be rich, the effort required and the sacrifices needed to get there.

I’m always amazed at the amount of gambling of the poor and not so poor blacks. I notice the same in Asians. Nobody wins in gambling; it’s like throwing money away. But the draw is potent and a few wins makes the resistance needed to say no too overwhelming to walk away.

If Blacks want to be taken seriously, stop burning cities to protest anything. Learn a more professional approach and you’ll be treated like professionals. You look like animals climbing all over buses. Light that torch and you become savage, no matter the group to which you belong or with which you identify. Stop protesting the existence of rich whites unless you include the rich of all groups. Can you even name them? No? All ethnicities have them.

Go to your own rich people first; if they won’t meet your demands, then go outside the group. But I’m telling you right now, that if you light that match, you will set your entire group back a century or more. People have memories – all people.

No one is innocent of discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. Look what we all do to the animals whom we deem inferior thus worthy of our exploitation. Stop climbing all over everyone who doesn’t look like you. You’re no more special than anyone else.

Learn to get along first. Stop with the knee-jerk aggressive responses to every perceived slight. When anything doesn’t go your way, you immediately blame white people. Accept responsibility for your own failures. Stop inventing drama where there isn’t any. Stop the separatism, while claiming you want unity.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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