Re: Hong Kong to kill 2,000 animals after hamsters get COVID-19

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

‘correction by APNews: original article claimed 2,000 hamsters will be killed; it was actually 2,000 small animals including hamsters will be killed – they can’t even get the story straight.

Commentary by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 1.18.2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic USA has lied via every news outlet claiming non-human animals couldn’t get COVID.
  • If you don’t know you don’t make a claim either way.

The USA stuck their neck out anyway. No worries they always say.

Everybody wanted to know, can my dog or cat get it, can I give it to them, can our food give it to us and on and on. I didn’t read or hear one single, solitary, honest, credible, trustworthy answer.

Now they’re sticking their neck out again.

China has concerns about the spread of coronavirus aka COVID from animal to human – in this case hamsters (and other small animals, as it turns out). The USA, again, isn’t concerned.

That ‘not being concerned’ part should be of grave concern to every world citizen.
Hamsters aren’t wild animals. They’re kept in cages as pets or in labs as experiment subjects, or they’re sold as food.

Two thousand hamsters were needed for what? To see if they could be given COVID? Where were the remains dumped? Who knows if they won’t end up going out the back door and sold to some local vendor, thinking humans can’t get COVID from non-human animals?

So they weren’t killed yet. Maybe China should wait the twelve or so days to see if they get better – like they tell humans to do. Nobody kills people who have COVID so they won’t spread it to other humans.

Lots of people around the world eat rats, so it’s not a stretch to eat a hamster. Any animal can be given a virus. So what they were testing for was if the virus can be transmitted from animal to human or human to animal? What does that say about the world’s animal-based food supply?

To their credit, at least China is testing animals for the virus. The USA refuses to test the animals who end up in every American’s stomachs everyday, three or more times a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Add to that all the global citizens who buy, sell and eat American animal products We don’t even know if slaughterhouses and meat packers require their workers to be vaccinated. Do they?

Now would be a good time to revisit whether the non-human animals the world eats can transmit the virus to us and whether they can contract the disease in the first place.

But once again congress is too tied up with Black African issues about redistricting for votes, to care about the health and well-being of ALL RACES. They did it again, hijacked the pandemic so no one’s talking about anything except their black rights, re-enacting their slave-day heritage, while the world in modern day falls apart around them. Help out the world now, if you really want to make a difference and stop scamming the world with revenge tactics for something long done, long gone.

The American public needs to be safe, and congress is not keeping them safe. They act quickly only when issues affect how people will vote. Again, black Africans taking congress hostage for their privately and publicly negotiated privileged benefit.

Two thousand small animals including hamsters. Hard to believe that those all were destined to be sold as pets. From where did they originate – those two thousand hamsters?

I still don’t know what’s really going on, except that some animals will be killed for somehow contracting the COVID virus.

Maybe it was a set-up by some foreign entity, which means it was an act of terrorism.

Joe Biden is too busy picking the lint off his suits to worry about such trivial matters as terror networks using hamsters to spread the coronavirus back to China. Why Hong Kong? What did the Netherlands do to upset the Jews? Are there rats in New Jersey? Some Network said the COVID hamsters came from the Netherlands. Reuter’s. British news had all the details. Did they know they were infected?

Russia found them in minks – I just read. Was this making news when it was actually happening in 2020? So all the fur coat-wearing people better retire their coats. One never knows what lies dormant beneath those skins, waiting for a tear, to be released.

THIS IS A HUGE ALERT TO THE WORLD’S FOOD SUPPLY – handling and eating. And clothing supply and medicine supply. Where do those dormant viruses hibernate? IN RATS?

The common response to any virus related question to any person authorized to answer them: ‘If so, then the effect would not be statistically significant.

What they fail to add is: ‘Until it is.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

When is the world going to WAKE UP and stop eating and experimenting on, and wearing animals?

Give an animal a super-charged virus and that animal will kill somebody with it. That somebody will end up killing a multitude of all types of animals, including the human one.


  • a virus altered is a biological weapon used by militaries to defeat an enemy or to terrorize them into submission.

Scientists Tweak Lab Viruses To Make Them More contagious


check the Reuter’s article I just found for more detailed info:

better yet, here’s the original in case it gets taken down

January 18, 20229:11 AM EST Last Updated an hour ago China

Hong Kong to cull 2,000 hamsters after COVID-19 outbreak

By Jessie Pang and Tyrone Siu

  • Summary
  • Hamsters to be put down after positive coronavirus tests
  • Hong Kong tests hundreds of rodents, chinchillas and rabbits
  • Territory follows China’s strict COVID-19 regime
  • Infected hamsters came from Netherlands – TV
  • Russia and Denmark also took action over animals in pandemic

HONG KONG, Jan 18 (Reuters) – Hong Kong warned people not to kiss pets and ordered a mass cull of hamsters on Tuesday, to the outrage of animal-lovers, after 11 of the rodents tested positive for COVID-19.

A recent coronavirus cluster in humans traced to a pet shop worker prompted checks on hundreds of animals in the Chinese-ruled territory, with 11 hamsters found infected, officials said.

Echoing the mainland’s zero-tolerance policy even as much of the world shifts to living with COVID, Hong Kong ordered 2,000 hamsters “humanely” put down, and imports and sales stopped.

Various pet shops were shuttered and disinfected around the city, while men in protective gear scoured the store at the heart of the cluster in the bustling Causeway Bay district.

The local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which runs veterinary clinics, urged a rethink.

“The SPCA is shocked and concerned over the recent government announcement on the handling of over 2,000 small animals, which did not take animal welfare and the human-animal bond into consideration,” it said.

Health Secretary Sophia Chan told a news conference authorities were acting out of caution even though there was no evidence domestic animals can infect humans.

“Pet owners should keep a good hygiene practice, including washing hands after touching the animals, handling their food or other items, and avoid kissing the animals,” Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department director Leung Siu-fai Leung also told reporters.

Hong Kong has also been testing rabbits and chinchillas but only the hamsters were positive. They were all imported from the Netherlands, according to local broadcaster RTHK.

Around the world, there have been coronavirus cases in dogs and cats too, though scientists say there is no evidence animals play a major role in human contagion.


Leung said the Hong Kong hamsters had to be put down as it was impossible to quarantine and observe each one. Buyers of hamsters after Dec. 22, 2021 should hand them to authorities for culling and not leave them on streets, he added.

A hotline for enquiries was being set up, while some 150 of the pet shop’s customers were going into quarantine, officials said.

Last September, three pet cats that tested positive for coronavirus were put down in the Chinese city of Harbin, bringing a social media backlash. read more

Elsewhere, Denmark culled millions of mink in 2020 to curb COVID-19 mutations. And some Russian regions have inoculated animals against COVID-19 after Moscow said it had registered the world’s first vaccine for animals following tests with dogs, cats, foxes and mink. read more

Nikolaus Osterrieder, dean of the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong, said human-to-animal-to-human transmission chains are rare but do happen as with mink cases.

“It is obviously a drastic measure but one that is a consequence of zero Covid (rules),” he said of Hong Kong’s moves. “Hamsters are very susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 and can produce large amounts of virus.”

Global welfare group World Animal Protection said the measures were premature. “Culling animals should always be a last resort and we encourage governments to explore other options, such as quarantine, first,” said research head Jan Schmidt-Burbach.

After three months without any local transmission, Hong Kong has seen dozens of new coronavirus cases in humans this year, triggering fresh curbs on flights and social life.

Thousands of people have been sent to a makeshift government quarantine facility. Most of the new cases are of the highly-contagious new Omicron variety, though the cluster traced to a pet shop worker was Delta.

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