Who would think that the vegan movement would become associated with terrorism? I wonder if they always were terrorists or if they’re really not vegans? All movements are subject to terrorist elements. I just didn’t expect it in the realm of animal rights – given that animal-eaters are animals too.

So, vegans are a lot like Black Lives; it’s not all black lives, or all lives, it’s certain black lives that are more worthy. 

In veganism it’s not all animals, only certain animals who are covered under their protective umbrella. Animal-eaters, although human aren’t considered worthy. 

If Antifa is vegan, I wonder why they haven’t targeted any of the slaughterhouses? City centers only? But not houses of slaughter? 

Where’s the vegan message? Is there one? They’re attacking people and property and trampling on rights for Antifa, but what are they getting out of it for the animals? 

Antifa set up vegan accounts on Facebook to make it look like they’re vegan, but they don’t live the life? It appears that way. If not, then why no fight for the animals? Only black human animals?

It’s a fraud. And the vegans who fell for it are in a heap of trouble, because now they’re listed as terrorist sympathizers with the USA government. 

Once the USA lists it, other countries follow suit and they take extreme measures to eradicate the terrorists. 

Why wouldn’t vegans know that post 9-11? Why would they take that risk? Where is the benefit to the animals enslaved, tortured and slaughtered that made the risk worthwhile?

There is no benefit for the tortured animals. Antifa has not shut down one slaughterhouse anywhere in the world. All that carnage, city burning, building destructions, human injuries and what came of it? 

Nothing worthwhile, that couldn’t have been achieved without them – and a lot quicker.

Billions and billions of dollars incinerated by Antifa in the middle of a highly contagious viral pandemic.

I call that opportunistic. I call that terrorism. And I fault Black Lives Matter for hitching an opportunity ride into a hell of their own making. And now I blame vegan groups who publicly endorsed a terrorist organization to grow their numbers, when in fact the opposite was achieved.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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